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You’re Losing Because You Have No Vision

Many of us have no concrete idea what we want out of life.

And even if we knew once upon a time, life kicked in and caused us to push our dreams and goals into the recesses of our minds. I wrote this article to share the powerful truth about vision boards with you.

Our brains respond to intentions that we take seriously by writing down and planning for, with great enthusiasm. To be honest, I have no idea why no one stressed the importance of creating a vision board for me when I was a child.

I can remember scrapbooking and building memories in my big black paper scrapbook, but not creating a single story for the days ahead. I had a wild imagination too.

"I would add things into my scrapbook that didn't really happen just to juice up my summer vacation stories, ha!"

Okay, so I was a story teller, not little liar. Had I been a futuristic storyteller I could have saved myself a lot of heartache and unnecessary stops to destinations I never meant to end up at.

But now I'm a visionary. I've tapped into that divine part of my ability and have been able to produce some amazing experiences.

This Blog and its mission is definitely one of them. 

What are some of the things you've always wanted to do or experience, but never put any energy into planning for?

I'm sure there's plenty you want to do, but maybe you've been afraid to entertain those wild thoughts because you feel they're not possible. 

Well here's the truth. Your imagination is not some dirty trick passed down from generation to generation as a dirty joke from the universe! It's actually the one spiritual faculty that helps project circumstances and experiences in your life.

Your imagination is at work all the time. Think about it. Before you even get to the bathroom in the morning you've already imagined how refreshed your mouth will feel after some paste and water hits those teeth and gums. 

You imagination is at work all the time but you're so used to it because the things you're imagining are pre-recorded. Like a broken record, everything you think is going to happen usually does, except for a few odd situations every now and then.

Am I correct? No surprises lately?

That's because you have to consciously tap back into that creative part of yourself - and the best task to ignite that inner flame is vision board creation

Creating your vision board will not only unplug your creative ability, it will re-ignite your passion for life and make you want to go after your dreams again.

That's why you're here my friend, to make your dreams come true - BUT FIRST you have to release those dreams onto something outside of that big ole head of yours. 

You must bring those visions out of dark recesses of your mind -  and into the 3rd dimension, what I like to call the field. Dang, you're so talented. 

Let's get to the good stuff: 

Here's why your Vision Board is necessary.....

It's our intrinsic nature to consistently move forward both professionally and personally – with every passing year, it's imperative to evolve and grow by setting new goals and chalking out the path to accomplish them.

We need to progress, for both our psychological and emotional health - but spiritually, too.

By paying attention to your dreams and setting aside time to shape them into concrete aspirations, you're taking a major step in the direction of growth.

And just to think, so many of us think BIG things just happen or drop out of the sky. No, there's lots of planning, knowing, believing, visualizing, faith, and unique actions involved in the dream making process. 

VISION BOARDS are rated No. #1......

In today’s fast-paced world getting to your goals is easier said than done. At times you're overwhelmed due to the obstacles that come up along the way. This is why you need a vision board most of all.

If you're going to be dealing with obstacles, it's a lot easier when you're heading in the direction of your dreams & goals. 

You can appreciate the process more deeply and accept any hard times along the way when you're purpose driven. It's all good when you know you're best experience is not too far away.

A vision board is essentially a solid representation of your desires and aspirations for a life full of contentment. They're not only fun to create, but act as a vital tool when it comes to motivating and inspiring you to achieve objectives.

Here's how to create a vision board that works.

Envision goals, but allow your imagination to flow past what you THINK is possible! 

Setting goals help increase the chance of achievement, so writing them down is how you will begin this project. Pen down your biggest and most important goals in ALL areas of your life.

Goals can be short-term, long-term, or a mix of the two. Make sure you circle the top goals. I get really deep into this in the "You Can't Hurt Me No More, Self-Love Kit for Empaths Who Love Too Hard - Digital Course." 

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Do NOT leave anything out!!

When creating your vision board you're bringing your ideas to life - so think of every aspect of your life.

I tell people all the time, what is love without money, and what is money without love, and what do you need any of it for without people, relationships and family? What's purpose if not defined and shared with others?

You're dealing with a pyramid of important circumstances that embody the life experience..... We're all aiming for balance in these areas.

Here's my idea of what that pyramid looks like. It actually displays what A Dream LYFE actually is and the balance it sets out to help subscribers accomplish in life....  

That means you can't leave anything out that effects you!

You want to envision the details of each experience and what that means for you. A new job? Where will it be, what will you do there, how much will you bring home and how will that income improve your life - BE Specific.

If you haven't met your partner already this part is crucial. Draw all of the details out of your mind onto the paper, ever characteristic important to you. Go ahead, imagine that red silky hair... it's okay. It's not superficial or vain. 

Your imagination is there for this reason, preference - goals, and desires. Of course if the person for you showed up with purple hair instead, you'll know - because everything else will be just right.

Go ahead and knock yourself out with specifics. Learn more about how to do this in No More BrokeAssNess. I go off with details about how to make things happen in this easy to read just for the creative type, book.

Collect Visual Inspiration

Creating the Board

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Why is a vision board required to make dreams come true?


You Are Clarifying Goals

It is necessary to keep it real with yourself and bring your dreams and goals out in front of you. It's impossible & a waste of mental energy to keep them in your head expecting to take them serious.

When you take the time to lay them out it becomes real & a lot easier to see. Now your vision has the power to stimulate your creativity. You will develop small tasks will begin unfolding and attracting the circumstances that will get where you need to be in divine timing.

Clarification on the board is the root of where your goals begin.


Visual Planning Triggers Cooperation

The inspiration that illuminates from your vision board acts as a constant reminder as you view it daily. Scanning it helps reinforce the path you're on & reminds you to follow patterns that are in line with accomplishing these goals.

Visual impact on a daily basis subtly motivates you to keep defining new ways to move forward. The universe and all of its mystery happily works with you to bring these goals to completion at this point in the process. Your vision board creation puts you in line with The Law of Action.


Too many of us are in the habit of being too spontaneous & we let life turn out however it chooses. When things don't work out we complain, get upset & retreat with other disappointed people who have no control or direction over their lives.

Here, you're making the changes you want to see and taking charge of your life. Though things won't always go according to plans, setting up a visual guideline helps us bounce back on track when obstacles derail us.

As you progress through your goals over time, you will witness incremental achievements and this will empower you & keep you committed to the process.  


You Own Your Personal Blueprint

A vision board not only becomes an inspirational blueprint for your life, but because you have one - it can help reduce depression, idleness, lack of concentration, and lack of hope.

Like I said earlier, the more specific you are - the better. The clearer the visual the more likely it will trigger the emotion needed to move you into action.

Same happens in reverse; the clearer the image the stronger the attachment to the outcome so you will protect your efforts  from people, places, and activities that could put your goals and dreams at risk. 

You are less likely to settle or be interrupted by outside circumstances because you're going to honor the time and energy it took to create such a beautiful vision for your life. 


Your Vision Board Offers Accountability

Apart from acting as a daily reminder, your vision board will help hold you accountable. If you take Lesson 10 of the You Can't Hurt Me No More, self-love course, there's a clear outline that describes the 3-part written plan that supports the power of your vision board.

Each part of your plan should include a smaller plan that helps you complete easily achievable goals as you move closer to your large goals over time. 

Smaller plans should be broken down on your daily To Do List. Checking each task or accomplishment off day by day is a form of self-accountability that is born into this empowering vision board process. 

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Important Tips & Practices to Remember after Creating Your Vision Board

  • Remember to look at your vision board & scan it daily. This helps minimize temptation or a tendency to slack off.
  • Progress toward your dreams will happen. Be willing to rely on divine timing - not the stress inducing manmade clock & calendar. Be attentive & pick up on signals that tell you - you're moving in the right direction.
  • Maintain a vision journal that contain thoughts and updates regarding your progress. These are fun to read & reflect on at random moments. 
  • Give yourself a pat on the back when needed. When you see progress - celebrate it. For instance, if you are awarded a raise for your efforts or talents, splurge! Go out with loved ones or buy yourself a gift. The more you celebrate your successes, both big and small, the more you confirm your worth.
  • Yes, you are worthy of anything you can imagine!! Affirm your worth & personal power to create the life of your dreams daily. 

Life is fair and abundant. It's people who will give you crap when you live your life without a plan!

Get started on your vision board right away!

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