is a 12-WEEK Website Launch Assignment w/a Creative Tech Coach, Michelle, working side by side with you for the entire process.

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Inside our online member's area, I teach creatives to use 6 specific software & applications for a solid website launch.

We bring these software tools together one by one to integrate into a wordpress website, our main platform. 

When complete, this software stack combination does all the heavy lifting - to leverage business creatives, services, merchandise or other products online.

This software stack is used to develop custom functions to and from your website, auto-responder communication & cross-delivery between yourself and your audience / clients / customers, making it into a powerful AI partner that you have full control over.  

As a creative / seller it's important to be able to sell and work directly from your website (efficiently) without total reliance on outside sources (social media, Etsy, Ebay, etc.) This includes ensuring dependency on your own payment system to collect money for your sales that are deposited directly into your banking source.

This is a Partnership for Leaders.

The independent mindset values working together, but understands the importance of being in control of their digital assets, especially now.

Learn to use the 6 most important pieces of software & applications to set a website on automatic, so it works while you sleep.

Everything there is to know to accomplish this is a part of our 12-Week Process. Let's have a look at each phase.....

#1: Build: Design, Stage

Following our on-boarding process we enter the first phase of our partnership which is designed to be completed in four weeks. Your brand design ideas, colors, purpose & goals are outlined, implemented & executed in the staging process. We launch your functional 'Coming Soon' page immediately.

Week 5-8 modules with video & pdf instruction aid in the integrations of the software & applications we use to perform all of the website's AI functions. We complete the full software stack setup - implement & test various funnels, responders, and commands necessary for customized tasks and behaviors. 

#2: Integrate: Leverage Software & Applications

#3: Automate: Launch, Market 

In Phase 3 we build out our funnels to working with an ad platform: (Example: Facebook, Google.) We pull in all the necessary assets for stores, woo-commerce, and various types of products & services. Focus is narrowed down to copy, marketing, building out a custom ad and various type of conversions tools.

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For the first 4 weeks we get together on a weekly call  to discuss your progress and any tech issues you may want to work through. 

You'll have access to my direct phone number for 12 weeks. And by walkie, you can get your voice across, screenshots, or written messages through instantly. 

Our Platinum Partnership is up close and personal.


It's not one of those coaching programs where I'll send you to watch course material then leave you to do the work alone. Nope. I want you to succeed by owning a website that runs on automatic through custom funnels to sell or deliver whatever asset you set it to, and even keep working in your absence.


That's the whole point of joining with AI, owning our websites!

  • Get answers to “how to" questions on our weekly calls or walkie system.
  • Discover what you’re good at, match it to the economy and make money doing it.
  • Learn to use Instagram, Facebook, & Google Ads. Understand the psychology of speaking to your ideal customer or client to advance your business goals by writing excellent, relatable copy.
  • Learn the premiere applications, software & digital stack you need to launch & run a profitable two page website as a solo-entrepreneur, without a major need to outsource for tech help.
  • Learn to publish your own book, YouTube Channel, Podcast, or host any digital asset or product.
  • Discover how to implement manifestation in your life according to God's word and spiritual counsel.
  • Access to mental strengthening style coaching to help understand and deal with people, especially difficult dark triad types (personal & professional) - so you can thrive & succeed despite these interactions.


  • You've never owned a website but want to start off building it to a high standard.
  • You took a shortcut and used one of those instant website services or link apps but now you know better. For example, Square, Wix, or Linksy, etc.
  • You want a website that visually represents your brand, and has a built in ability to capture leads, deliver free downloads, sell, and host any kind of creative asset; music, courses, merchandise, or something else.
  • You're ready to become self-sufficient & understand you can do it online.
  • You want to position yourself with a structured brand & business model to launch online & you place value on a mentorship with someone who can help you achieve this. 
  • You’re ready to make use of social media networks, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, YouTube Ads, and any other Ad Platforms to get your brand in front of the right people. 

"Whichever your reason, I've made it a priority to make sure that as a Platinum Partner, you'll learn to do this & have access to the tools you need to get it done "all in one place. You won't have to research a million free videos when it's all here, and you can ask me directly."




After we complete our one on one courtesy call & you begin our Platinum Partnership, you'll receive a welcome email & an email with your on-boarding documents within 24 hours. Download the documents, sign and return the forms as per the instructions, within72 hours.



On our first coaching call we'll engage in discussion of your choosing based on the weekly form used to record tasks & tech. You'll answers to  any questions you may have sent in for this call.



On this week One call you will be joining in on the topic discussion for the week, and getting answers to  questions you may have sent in (info in pdf file).


BY WEEK 12 ..... 

Your fully functional branded website will be up, running, and ready for ads to be pointed at any product or service landing pages or advert blog pages. You'll have a full understanding on how to run the software stack on your own.

Let's have a look at a few more of the details, especially the *BONUS Mindset modules.

I'm big on mindset, spiritual mindset, because I know that it's not our efforts alone that attract & maintain success. It's really not. 

There is a supernatural element to it and I love to work with people who get that part.


God is in my business. I stay aligned so I can work within the will of our creator. But this takes knowing, practice, and strong faith in your project.  




Download these documents & read them before or right after booking your courtesy call, okay :-) Thanks.

Only 20 people are accepted in each session.

There are 20 6 spots remaining.

For 12 weeks, I act as your personal tech, creatives, marketing & mindset expert. You can get answers to questions you might have about each module or any other material in the Dreamer2Doer member's area by simply reaching out through one of our communication tools. 

Platinum Partners w/laptop

FAQs: Platinum Partnership Client

What are the dates & times for working together?

Your course & kit material is designed to be taken over 12 weeks. However, it can be taken faster or slower depending on what is best for you & your schedule. In Phase 1, we get together weekly on a one on one call. You want to be in a position to take advantage of those calls by being caught up or familiar with the material. The date for 12-week session begin on the day you join as a Platinum Partner and ends at the 12 week mark. You will have access to all the material in the member's site for life. However, the LIVE calls or screen-share access ends when your 12-week session ends. A' la Carte Services will still be available. 

What if I can't make a creative Coaching Call or Q&A?

If you don't make our scheduled call you still have access to my private walkie system during your 12-week Platinum Partnership. You can send me a text message and likely get your question answered there, or you can watch the replay of any Live Zoom Call sessions in the member's area and find the answers and discussions you missed there. I got you covered. Rescheduling is available and is dependent on availability on our calendars. 

Do I need to have a product or service in place to begin?

You don't. The Platinum Partnership is designed for online beginners with instructions, task lists & more - up to early advanced online creators who want to be in a creative cypher with an effective coach like myself. After a creative brainstorming session, you'll receive instructions on how to achieve your goal or in some cases, figure out what that goal is by learning about the many options to choose from online. 

Is there a split-pay option this time?

No not this time, for a couple of reasons. I genuinely believe that with all I am teaching in our Platinum Partnership, the value far exceeds the price. I really wanted to do more to help creators come online and become self-sufficient so I scaled my process to do more for less. On average before launching this expanded version of our Platinum Partnership it cost $7,500 just to start and can range upward of 10k depending on the project. I decided to skip the extra workload of processing split payments by making the Platinum Partnership more affordable, very valuable, and more widely available to creators. You will be learning in 12-weeks what it took me 5 years to know about this process.

What kind of business would benefit from a Platinum Partnership?

Primarily, the methodology behind A Dream LYFE is to empower creatives with online tech and help them get over any emotional, spiritual or psychological hurdles blocking their progress. I find that this fits all types of creators and with the info I teach most creatives can implement the process for selling coaching, courses, mentorships, services, books, and physical products. If you have an expert knowledge to share or sell for profit, inside you'll learn how to do it.

Will I learn how to create a course or write a book?

Yes. You will learn the creative, functional, and scheduling process for writing a book, outline, script, or doing a podcast, video series on YouTube or social media. A lot of these processes are the same. The problem is most people do not start for fear they lack knowledge. Inside you will learn how to get it done.  

What if I want to speak with Ms Michelle one on one once my calls are used up?

During the 12-weeks of your Platinum Partnership, if you feel you need to speak with me one on one and texting by app is not enough to solve a concern, there are a few ways to go about it. Depending on my schedule I may give you a courtesy call in addition to the call features described above. I also offer deep discounts on my regular coaching calls for creatives who are already in a Platinum Partnership. At that time, I will send you the calendar to select the next available date. 

Purchase of a Platinum Partnership is a full online brand development launch & execution coaching program. It includes launch of a 2-page website, with full integration using the selected software & application stack, implementation of automation/funnel, app support & lifetime access to the D2D Member's site: Platinum Partnership requires an application process to be considered and accepted to work together.

HOW? We jump on a call first to meet one another over conversation. At that time we'll discuss your project and determine if we're a good fit. We'll move into a partnership following this courtesy call. It's on me!

*D2D Membership Fees are waived under the Platinum Partnership. 

I am now offering an expanded version of our Platinum Partnership 2023.

Cost: 12-Week Platinum Partnership is $3500

{Platinum Partnerships will be going back up $SOON. I've created this expansion flat rate so I can coach more clients during these times when we need to do all we can to birth more independent creatives!}

Only use Purchase Button if we've had our call. Thank You!

Here's what some clients say about me........


My business & I are better off after working with Michelle.

She’s easy to connect with during Q&A and we get a lot done. I learned a lot about the psychology of relationships, which helped improve my stress levels & management of our customer relationships.

CHARLES DAVIS , Restaurant/Bar owner


Michelle is trustworthy, dependable, and a great problem solver. Her positive attitude and wonderful sense of humor make her fun to work with as well. She never disappoints!


Work with Michelle & expect big changes in your life…

Michelle knows how to help others find confidence to act on their ideas. She has a unique ability to understand the spirit. She helps her clients secure success in life and business.

Carl Joseph , Mogul Media/Marketer

I joined Michelle on her 30-Day mindset shift challenge that changed the game for me…

I’ve carried the skills, practices & jewels Michelle shared in her 30-day 4am challenge into my daily routine. As a result, I’m focused; I’m able to prioritize & maintain the actions necessary to accomplish my goals.


Michelle overcame trials that would permanently derail most people…

She’s such an inspiration to know, work with, and derive wisdom from. It’s refreshing to watch her help so many people by sharing real tools for creating success in relationships & business.