" If You Feel Insecure, Unsupported, or Not In A Good Position To Do The Things You Want To Do With Your Life & Relationships, I Want To Show You How You Can Change That. "

The Street PH.D Book Series Tells Readers Exactly What To Do To Transform & Balance the 4 Most Important faculties for Living the Best Life.


The Street PH.D "16 Laws For Gangster Confidence," A F*ck Self-Doubt, Do It Scared!

The Street PH.D book series is packed with the grit of life experience that transfers over and expands the intuition of its reader.

It offers valuable wisdom to help enhance insight while outlining action steps that arm you with the tools for creating personal success. 

Book 2 of 4, 16 Laws for Gangster Confidence demonstrates ​offers clear steps for overcoming the challenges of self-doubt, insecurity, negative inner-voices, and dysfunctional relationships. 

Inside you will learn how to:

  • Transform into a creative self-sufficient high achiever.
  • Get out of relationships that hurt and disappoint you.
  • Stop overthinking and build momentum in your life.
  • Unleash the confidence to take action while scared.
  • Use your intuition to figure things out on the spot.
  • Define your purpose and start living it now.
  • Let go of anyone who doesn't support your dreams.
  • Get the respect and appreciation you deserve.
  • Raise your frequency to attract the things you want..
  • Control your destiny and reshape your life.
  • Shift your mindset to a secure and confident thinker.

Get ready to stop doubting yourself. It's your turn to make your life & relationships something you can be happy about. No more excuses.

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Learn How To Identify The Circumstances & People Draining Your Confidence, & Transform Your Life.

16 Laws for Gangster Confidence 
is filled with insight you need to stop doubting yourself.

"Popular Chapters According to readers:"

Law 3 - Establish A-Game

Law 6 - Stop Relying on Other People

Law 13 - Guard Your Energy from Jackasses

Law 15 - Kill Yourself

For each book I create, I am driven by a different goal. Continue reading below to learn the short but powerful reasons behind Book 2 of The Street PH.D. 

I came a long way from the idea stage to full on creation of my written projects. For years, I let the circumstances of my life hold me back. My intention in 16 Laws for Gangster Confidence is to help restore the natural creator in you as you read.

It doesn't matter how long you've been holding back on your dreams, or how many excuses you come up with that claim you can't achieve your goals. 

After reading the 16 Laws you will know precisely why this happens, and the steps you need to take to advance in the areas that have your attention.

I go into detail about the circumstances that affect confidence and reveal the hidden mechanisms that cause us to fall into the same patterns repeatedly - so you can identify them, and finally change them.

By the time you reach the last chapter, you will be supercharged despite any fear or doubt previously holding you back.

In this book I help you reconnect to - and unleash - the fearless creator you were at birth while letting go of people who don't support your growth. Let's get started. I'll see you in those pages.

Love & Light,


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