The Ultimate 12-Week Video Chat, Workbook Guide, & Power WorkSheet Trio
to Help Transform & Shift the Inner-Spirit & Magnetic Appeal of True Empaths.

The First Deep Dive Course of Its Kind Created By An Empathic Survivor of Love Flowing Out & None Coming In.....

"It is my strong belief that the moment we feel completely accepted and understood, no matter where we are in the moment, we can tap into massive flow of internal courage, spiritual resources, and creativity we didn't even know we had. At that point we really take off with a belief that nothing is impossible." ~ Michelle Carvalho

YOU can Release yourself from self-defeating behaviors ADAPTED FROM family and culture. following social norms cAN stir up inner turmoil, create LOW CONFIDENCE, lack of SELF-love, low SELF-acceptance & destroy one's ABILITY TO CREATE. 

at times, Life IS challenging and overwhelming.

So, with 365 day /24 hour access, you can take this online course at your own pace, where you'll learn to include daily lifestyle practices that develop self-love. 

Dysfunctional relationships, no matter who they're with, partners, family, co-workers, bosses or friends - stop us from reaching our full potential.

"Difficult relationships cut into your wallet and ruin your financial dreams because they leave you feeling stressed out."

Yes, poor relationships leave us broke emotionally and psychologically, but it's also common to feel robbed of the energy it takes to develop and maintain creative ventures.

After so many years of tolerating emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical abuse, I've morphed into a fully restored empath with advanced insight and people skills.

I've learn valuable lessons about getting on with my best life & I share the ones I feel will really help create massive transformation with you in this course.

Inside, I display valuable tools, practices & systems to develop and cultivate the art of self-love.


  • 12 Personal Video Chats to help you relax, unwind & connect to the topic being discussed in each section of the course.
  • 12 Core Modules with colorful pdf workbooks to walk you through the process of building the framework for self-love. You learn to close the door on drama & open it to your own wants & needs.
  • 12 beautifully designed worksheets and journals to help you identify threats to your security and sort through your preferences so you can drastically improve your relationship with yourself.  
  • BONUS MATERIALS: Include guided visualizations, affirmations & audio gifts to add context to your self-love work & pour more inspiration & spiritual wisdom into you. & NIGHTMARE of the NARCISSIST Section!
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Learn how NOT to get left behind and be long gone FIRST by becoming a shark at keeping your boundaries protected. 

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Develop sucker free intuition to identify threats before they break your heart or hold you captive over long time periods.  

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Get clear on what you want so it's on your radar, which makes it less likely to get wrapped up in games & tricky love cycles.

From Intuitive Course Creator, Self-Transformation Author, and Founder of A Dream LYFE

At the core of self-love is a belief that everyone needs to feel good about themselves to establish self-worth. 

Only when a sense of personal worth is accomplished will an individual be courageous enough to seek and secure the kind of life & relationships they want. 

Those who spiritually reside outside of this self-created sentiment settle for whatever life gives up.

My experiences instilled in me a heightened intuition that allows me to look into the spirit of the narcissist, abuser, manipulator and others who come to hurt and drain energy before they have a chance to latch on and do serious harm. 

I teach you how to identify those on the opposite end of the spectrum from yourself and your desires, even when they're disguised as friendly and loving - because they're imitating you while secretly planning to establish a painful trauma-bond.​​​​

I show you how to see right through the behaviors and tactics that are designed to rock you to sleep.

Most of us become victims without realizing we've been targeted, so we begin blaming ourselves for not being able to catch it sooner.

You'll know what it takes to detach, build yourself up, and become wise to identify and accept when you meet people or enter circumstances that don't line up with what you want for yourself in the future. 

Walking away is easy when you know how to identify adversaries to your happiness.

And you can learn to do so without feeling guilty or sorry for them, which is the most common trait of an empath - and the most sought after and manipulated traits that predators look for and use to hold you hostage to dysfunctional relationships.

There won't be anymore time to save people who don't want to be saved when you experience the benefits of using your energy to save yourself.

Over 12-Weeks I'll show you how to disconnect from destructive co-dependent energy that bonds you to people and things that will never love you back.

You'll find out what leads empaths into self-love deficit so you can rid yourself of all these self-defeating habits and behaviors moving forward. 

Avoid the Mistake of Underestimating the Spiritual Power of Self-Love As A Shield Against Things That Can & Will Hurt You...

We're powerless without the protection of self-love. Without it we.....

  • Feel like we're not good enough by comparison to others, which is a proven negative effect of social technologies.

  • Look for support from outside, & when we don't get it, we're crushed & shrunken emotionally & psychologically.

  • Think we're the only ones failing or having a difficult time creating lives & relationships we can celebrate.

  • Give up on our dreams & goals because we think it's too late, or there's not enough money, or we were born into the wrong family.


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The Self-Love Kit for Empaths Who Love Too Hard

One of the most damaging effects of being hurt by others is, without self-love we'll stay in these relationships and start to believe we deserve the mistreatment. 

We stay up under people who can't treat us with love and respect. 

Some of us become more dependent on jobs we dislike because we don't believe we can do better.

We simply stop creating & using our God given gifts.

It's true, the longer we stay under influences that don't line up with our true desires, the more dependent we become. 

People are broken down because staying in situations that we've outgrown is a heavy weight on the spirit & psyche. It stops us in our tracks.

When you're weighed down with hurt, good decisions are like lost treasures, and most of us won't find or make any.... 

Deep inside most of us know there's more we can do to put ourselves first.

I created this unique digital course because I know you can transform yourself & raise your frequency to attract the life you want now.

In 12-Weeks or less your outlook will shift in your favor with this personal kit for empaths.


Either my course will inspire you to feel 100% certain about how to love yourself & what you need to do to live your best life, or I fail to deliver.

And if I didn't deliver, I don't want to keep your hard earned money.

I'll put my word on this Self-Love Kit and give you 14 days to work your course.

You have my personal guarantee or your money back!

  • I've been in a self-love deficit so I'm not only advising from case study or research. I lived it. Those experiences drive me.
  • More of us are realizing we are empaths & this course was designed to cater to you, the deep feeler, specifically.
  • Because you feel the most, you hurt the most, so you must do the most to protect & preserve your light.
  • Self-Love is about more than a spa date. In length & with substance, I teach you why that is and how to flood your life with "you" stuff for an optimal life experience.


me n chrissy

"15 Intuitive Worksheets & Journal Practice Exercises that will last a lifetime." 

In this course, I've streamlined my experiences with domestic abuse, relationship violence, & dysfunctional family members with my own personal transformation. This allows me to deliver the authentic processes it takes to make self-love a real force in your life. 

I also wanted to offer several ways to access this course.

I've been able to do so by opening direct access to me and my full digital course line up through the Dreamer2Doer VIP  Lifestyle Suite Membership portal.

You can learn more about this course upgrade here.  

Today, I'm happy to offer choices.

Some people want to take their digital courses over a specific amount of time or in any order they like, while others want to be connected to a group that manages delivery of the course material for them.

It's really a personal choice. The great thing is, either way, you'll always be able to join us on a membership level with proof of purchase of a digital course. The course can be equal to or less than the membership entry price at the time you request to join. 

As long as you contact us within 7 days from the date of purchase of a single course, we're able to charge the difference and give access to the VIP course portal and our live private Facebook group.

We'll get you set up with unique login credentials to enter the online portal and gain access to the full digital course curriculum. 


With so many self-love courses out there, why should I take this one?

There are probably thousands of self-love courses out there, most of which are written by hobbyists who don't really know what they're talking about.

That's why when you go online and do a search, you'd be overwhelmed at all the generic and conflicting advice about how to attain self-love.

But you really would've had to experience hating yourself & your life, attracting all the wrong people and circumstances, like I did, to be able to share ways to overcome such drastic spiritual deficit with any kind of insight and authenticity.

It's going to take more than reading scholarly books and research fluff to really know this stuff.

Anyone claiming to have the answers for developing self-love should be able to relate to people when they can't embrace themselves because they've been there. 

To make matters worst, a lot of self-love and self-confidence courses regurgitate the same info over and over again.

I purchased a lot of courses to research what's out there so I can fill in the major gaps to better position myself as a leader in this area.

I had to break it up into 12-weeks because self-love is a lifestyle, and there's plenty to learn to reach it on a high level.

The pivotal advantage of taking my course is you'll be learning from someone who was not only abused to the point of death during multiple incidents; I came from a family where this generational curse was passed down & subconsciously absorbed in almost every member of my family.

My extreme experiences are far behind me. I've not only been able to break those generational curses during this lifetime - while online, through books, courses, and social media, I've been fortunate to help many others begin breaking, and completely break generational curses as well.

My love for self is now unmatched and can withstand the most alluring of temptation or opposition! At last I have put myself first & feel deeply sure of myself!

I want these exact self sentiments for you!

All of this makes me eager to share the lessons & the jewels my hard-knock life left behind. Now you can put them to use and improve your life step by step. 

What will I learn that is unique to this course?

As I mentioned above, the main component separating my course from the rest of them is the material I bring from real life experience.

Sure, I'm a summa cum laude psychology graduate, but I rarely meet people who have been the orphan of an uxoricide, struck by a tractor trailer, ejected through a windshield during a hostile domestic kidnapping - and survived both car accidents, all in one lifetime.

I had to learn to get over that trauma and find confidence and love for myself despite the deep psychological disturbances I endured, and the permanent visible scaring left behind on my body. 

One of the accidents was a result of a 5-year abusive relationship where my assailant dragged me into his vehicle shortly before the crash.

From childhood to early adulthood, I endured feelings of emotional inadequacy. I was unable to ward off negative comments and toxic people because I was co-dependent.

As a result of my eventual breakthrough, I am fully qualified and equipped to teach you how to prioritize your well-being, materialize your dreams, find and follow your inner voice, and identify & select the people and circumstances that line up with your spiritual goals.

A high point of this course is when I introduce the types of toxic, emotionally unavailable people who come to steal your joy and self-love reserves.

I show you how to see through them, spot their behaviors and habits - then pluck them out of your life - even when they're experts at putting on a "good guy" act.

You'll learn to accept your body, your current situation, and pull greater courage from within to go after your dreams so you can get what you want out of life.

**Most importantly, you'll learn what to do everyday to show yourself love until you're unstoppable.

What if I feel this course is too expensive to spend on myself?

In our society one of the main problems we have, and probably unknowingly, is how we reduce our self-importance to how much money we have to spend.

It's a mindset that is sometimes difficult to overcome. You are worth every penny you spend on yourself, whether it's for this course or not.

There are all kinds of investments we make in ourselves that are common and revered in society, such as education, clothes, cars, foods & many material things.

But most of the time none of those purchases get to the root of our spiritual deficits, nor do they help ease the pain we feel inside. 

The best investments you'll ever make are ones that are designed for your spirit.  

When you feel like a million bucks you can go on to attract it into your life.

And of course I'm going to support you and take this moment to remind you, "you are worth it" - worth every penny!

Now here are the cost facts: On average, a 4-week course of this kind is anywhere between $97 and $297 depending on what it's packaged with.

There is a lot of spiritual pulling and creative down time to design a heart-filled course like this, especially one that works.

While the course may seem expensive on first glance, allow me to show you what it really means over time.

$198 / 12 (not 4 weeks so that's 3 months) = $16.50 per week or $2.35 per day. In New York City where I live, that's less than the price of regular coffee.

I think the lower grade donut shop coffee is $3. The benefits far outweigh any money you spend taking steps toward becoming your best most loved self.

Plus the last section will teach you how to take a $5,000 vacation for free (minus flights)! Plus more!

I've also done my best to offer several options to help make buying this course easier.
Let's talk about that in the next FAQ.

What options do I have to pay for this course?

Because I offer Live support through the Dreamer2Doer VIP Lifestyle Membership Portal, which you can learn more about here.

I decided to create 3 ways to access this course for those with unique interests or financial circumstances.

1. Join with a Dreamer2Doer VIP Membership & get access to all courses as they roll out, co-VIP member support, and weekly in group calls & webinars with live Q&A hosted by me. 

2. Purchase the entire course today in one shot on this page.

3. Purchase the course in 3-easy monthly payments.

You will receive weeks 1 through 4 with first payment, weeks 5 through 8 with second payment, and weeks 9 through 12 with final payment. 

4. Refer someone: For each person you refer who purchases a course, you'll receive 20% of the price you paid back to your form of payment. 

It doesn't matter if you purchased the course already. For up to one year, if you refer 5 people you will receive 100% of your course investment back.

Your referrals can contact me here to tell me you sent them. However, I will know from the referral link attached to your account. 

How will I access the course after purchasing it?

Finally! The fun part. I can hardly wait until you're inside.

First, you'll need to check your email following your purchase. You may receive more than one email because the initial one will be your receipt. Attached to that receipt will be links regarding your purchases to help you get around.

At that point you'll locate the second email with your automatically generated username and password. There will also be a link provided to direct you straight to the member's site. Super easy.

Then, you'll enter the portal (or what I like to call our digital cypher) and begin the most important work of your life, self-work to self-love.

It will be fun, you might have some deep feely moments, you'll probably laugh, but you'll mostly feel good to know you've found the support circle and answers you need at your finger tips. 

You can access your course anytime and from anywhere with internet access.

For a lifetime, this course will be yours to go back to. I'll see you inside!

*DISCLAIMER: This course is not intended to replace professional therapy, medical treatments, or psychological sessions you may be participating in or considering with a licensed professional.

Entering this course will bring you into a supportive virtual experience where you can connect with the wisdom and resources you need to develop healthy internal love and light.

You will be encouraged, motivated, and taught proven actions & practices that will help you reach the next level of your existence.

You can read the general disclaimer by tapping the link at the start of this message. 

Start Your Course Today


Access the YOU CAN'T HURT ME NO MORE!! Self-Love Kit for Empaths Who Love Too Hard in one shot!

You can take it at your own pace and scan through your worksheets & journals today.

However, I do recommend taking it as it as designed; one week at a time so you can implement the suggestions & lessons in their proper sequence. 

Note: For the sake of the 14-Day Trail, 2/3 of the course material & Bonus Section will be held back until day 15. On that day, all modules will be released for access in your account. Xoxo!

You can secure your seat today & begin this life changing course for less that $17 a week!

was $598

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See what some people say about working with me:

My business & I are better off after working with Michelle.

She’s easy to connect with during Q&A and we get a lot done. I learned a lot about the psychology of relationships, which helped improve my stress levels & management of our customer relationships.

Restaurant/Bar owner


Michelle is trustworthy, dependable, and a great problem solver. Her positive attitude and wonderful sense of humor make her fun to work with as well. She never disappoints!


Work with Michelle & expect big changes in your life…

Michelle knows how to help others find confidence to act on their ideas. She has a unique ability to understand the spirit. She helps her clients secure success in life and business.

Carl Joseph
Mogul Media/Marketer

I joined Michelle on her 30-Day mindset shift challenge that changed the game for me…

I’ve carried the skills, practices & jewels Michelle shared in her 30-day 4am challenge into my daily routine. As a result, I’m focused; I’m able to prioritize & maintain the actions necessary to accomplish my goals.


Michelle overcame trials that would permanently derail most people…

She’s such an inspiration to know, work with, and derive wisdom from. It’s refreshing to watch her help so many people by sharing real tools for creating success in relationships & business.