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“The REAL Reason… People are NOT Financially Independent or on Their Way by age 40, 50, or even 65!  And What You Can Do NOW to INSTANTLY Improve your Chances for Financial Freedom.


A Dream LYFE (prounced l-i-f-e)

Our acronym for Link Yourself up For Spiritual Growth and Empowerment

Welcome to our higher-frequency vortex where ALL things are relevant to your happiness, productivity, inner-psychology and physical wellness. Discover the FOUR main characteristics of your personal being that are responsible for creating and maintaining success in your personal, financial, and professional life and relationships.

These are your "Dream Drivers" and you were born naturally qualified to develop and transform your life experience and go on to become the powerful creator you are meant to be.


You were born with it and now it feels as if it’s fleeting and unstable. You can recreate it.


You instinctively and inherently were born able to produce solutions to sustain your livelihood.

Inner Psychology

You are a combination of cultural and genetic influence, but you possess the greatest spiritual power within to shift and reshape your thought patterns and change your life for the better.

Physical Wellness

You were born pure, fit, and flexible in a body that is a miraculous self-healer by your attention and direction.

About Me - Michelle Carvalho

I have developed keen insight into career, life, and relationships from a wide range of experiences, many which are not so common. Gifted from the protective, restoring and renewing source of the Holy Spirit, I have been built up to become an active spirit of universal inspiration. I am tuned into a high frequency that allows me to attract and guide those along this journey wanting and willing to change their lives for the better. Through A Dream LYFE, Blog, audio and video, you will gain full access to unique perspectives and philosophies geared toward helping you discover your own unique and distinct gifts and abilities. Now you can begin creating realities out of all your fondest dreams.