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  • Cultivated over 20 years of experience in Television, Film & Theater as an actress, producer, writer, Real Estate Broker, on-set and travel coordinator, and Line Producer for IMG Media & Bravo, TLC, MTV & a host of networks in America and the U.K. 
  • Wrote the first industry standard script version of "TRAPPED" in 1992. It was purchased by Rockafella, & Dimension Films in 2002 and produced as the film titled "Paid In Full" with Mekhi Phifer, Wood Harris & Cam'ron. (IMBD, Chelle Carvalho)
  • Author of The Street PH.D Book Series, a collection of Digital Courses in self-improvement,  Online Marketing & Law of Attraction, e-books, worksheets, and 4 full scripts for film and docu-series. Available on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, & more....
  • CEO & Owner of, The,, and a growing portfolio of digital assets; not limited to: The School of Hard Knocks Course course & tutorial collection, & Dreamer2 Doer Tech Tools for Digital Content Creators, Solopreneurs & Entrepreneurs. 

I'm not going to pretend or lie, it was hard for me growing up!

 I mean everything was difficult!

I was a parentless teen who became a single parent dreamer. Except that now, I'm good with having gone through all of it.

Because I didn't let any of those things stop me, and continued to plunge myself into so many experiences, good and bad, I've grown to be the kind of person who has a lot to give!

 The peculiar circumstances of my early life made me a feeler, an empath. I'm passionate about human potential & dedicated to proving how each of us can use it to manifest our wildest dreams. 

I created A Dream LYFE and its two main components, "Dreamer2Doer Tech Made Easy" & "School of Hard Knocks" as a virtual village where leaders & entrepreneurs can learn to balance mind, body, & spirit to produce highly productive and satisfying businesses. 

But I don't limit the Dream to business strategy and online tech.

I embody family, relationships, psychology, and spiritual well-being into my content because I know that not considering these crucial aspects of an ordinary life is the biggest mistake we made in the past.

In our digital era we're experiencing a dynamic shift in the way we do business and family.

Technology and its advancements make it possible to bring like-minded creators and business owners together to build networks, share knowledge, manifest dreams, and overcome the creative obstacles of the last chapter. 

I've created this exclusive online private community to:

  • Give members access to the experience and wisdom I've developed over the years.
  • Open connections to successful entrepreneurs and wise gurus who work in various industries & have knowledgeable to share.
  • Deliver live and pre-recorded digital workshops to provide life-changing information & support for relationships, business, and spirit.

Our courses and video tutorials are distributed over a weekly schedule that allows members to access the technical, psychological, and spiritual support they need to push forward to new levels in life and business.

Whatever your goals are, we've constructed the blueprint that lays out the steps you need to take to manifest your them into real life experiences . 

Still, you wonder if anyone will take you seriously, or if you'll spend years researching and trying to figure all of this online stuff out.

Inside of this "virtual village" I put in long hours to make sure you know what steps to take to reach your goals easier and faster.

You will learn to create the magic in your mind, transform your thoughts into reality, use Law of Attraction, manifest your deepest desires using the correct physical and spiritual faculties, become a magnet for the life you want - and- experience less of what you don't want.

Most importantly - develop the hard and soft skills you need to expand your potential in any area.

You can do it all without doubt, fear, guilt, or feeling as if you must tackle the feat of transformation alone, and without the support you need.

A Dream LYFE's (me, Michelle - and a team of talented online partners and entrepreneurs) core mission is helping you bring your mind, heart, and actions into alignment so you can live the life you want. 


For years I tackled with depression.

I lacked solid focus for my future due to deep insecurities and fear of the unknown. I was surround by people who couldn't support my ideas or teach me what I needed to know to become the best version of myself. 

I survived 2 serious car accidents.

In one accident I was struck by an 18-wheeler and came close to losing my left arm. Five years before that - I was ejected onto a local expressway from an SUV that was being driven 65mph before hitting a divider. 

The driver was my abuser.

After a few days in a coma I woke up to learn what happened a few nights before.

The amazing part was when the doctor told me that despite this accident, I hadn't suffered any serious or life threatening injuries.

He assured me that the injury to my brain was only temporary bruising, and was expected to heal over time.

It did, and rather quickly.

The flesh wounds were scary and large but no real damage was done.

I'm certain that a higher power was with me that night and working on my behalf for a reason.

You've probably went through some incredible circumstances, too. I can't wait to hear about them. I want to hear about them.

All of this and more made me passionate about empowering others who want to redesign their lives.

Life is precious and meant to be lived in action and purpose.

Because I also know what it's like to be emotionally lost and broken, in the wrong relationships and circumstances for too long - I have a special ability to understand and help talented people who are stuck, but reaching out for guidance from the trenches.

The internet has given me a powerful tool to extend my efforts to those who want them. I'm committed to helping anyone wanting a sacred space to learn and become powerful leaders in their lives and businesses.

Do you want to build a website or write your first book, but think it's too difficult?

Maybe you want to learn to engage with people through social media, grow your platform, and offer valuable products or messages.

You can learn how to with access to our Membership portal and our private Facebook Group, or by Working with me one-on-one in the Lifestyle Suite​.

The courses and workshops I develop are honest and well researched, and most of all I'm not one of those gurus teaching things I have not experienced myself.

Having access to my digital portals will save you time, energy, and wasted money.

Here's a free Mini-Workshop to get you started when you Subscribe today.

We're on a journey toward financial independence and a new wave of self-made digital excellence.

This is our unavoidable Utopia.

The articles created for each section of the blog are relevant to building your best life. It's really simple.

To practice a success lifestyle we must surround ourselves with empowering people, be willing to take risks, invest in ourselves, and act on the ideas we've been blessed with.

We're not required to keep up with anyone else's flow. But!!! We shouldn't allow ourselves to fall behind and not realize when opportunity is up under our noses either.

Opportunity is always available for those of us who commit to learning and doing what's necessary to achieve the life we want.

Developing certain hard and soft skills will allow anyone to navigate the digital world and find and area or niche to explore, master, and excel in.

Our way of doing things in the world does no go backwards, it never has. 

History tells us we will continue moving forward.

The internet and the countless ways we use it is here to stay.

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We're experiencing a collective shift in human consciousness.

And as a woman, I celebrate the rise of feminine creativity, freedom of thought, and spiritual expression on and offline.

We're elevating into an advanced mindset with access to technologies that allow us to assert control over our lives.

You were born a natural creator and now you can reap the rewards of your best efforts.

You're officially invited to learn and explore all of these options with me.

You can call me Ms. Michelle

I'm an author, digital marketer, qualified visionary, and mentor extending wisdom and guidance to you through A Dream LYFE's digital portals.

Some people refer to me as The Street PH.D because of my style of teaching and my 4-Part book series.

The Street PH.D Book Series

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What Others Say......


Michelle is one of the coolest, creative women I've worked with throughout the years. She exhibits wisdom beyond her years, and shows genuine compassion for her clients. 

Robert Wells

CEO Entertainment Company


Michelle is trustworthy, dependable, and a great problem solver. Her positive attitude and wonderful sense of humor make her fun to work with as well. She never disappoints!

Nina Juliano

Director / Producer


Michelle knows how to help others find confidence to act on their ideas. She has a unique ability to understand the spirit. She helps her clients secure success in life and business. 

Carl Joseph

 Digital Marketer

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