"The Future Belongs to Those Who Believe in The Beauty of Their Dreams." ~ Unknown

"The Future Belongs to Those Who Believe in The Beauty of Their Dreams." ~ Unknown

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We are living in one of the most supreme and exciting times of our existence, experiencing a collective evolutionary shift in human consciousness. The good-ole days are thankfully a thing of the past as we rush forward to meet our growing inner demands for wealth of spirit, mind, and body. These demands have also increased our desires to create relationships, careers, and businesses that are productive, joyful, and deeply satisfying for each individual lifestyle need. We are no longer at the mercy of a vague society dictated by a few monopolies, but instead we have elevated upward into a transparent existence of accountability and opportunity for anyone willing to embrace this prophetic universal shift in spirit and business. I’ve opened myself and my wisdom up to you through A Dream LYFE, Blog portal to indulge my natural desire to help leaders, dreamers, entrepreneurs, and hard workers like you reach over-the-top success by sharing the inside tools, steps, long-held secrets, and practical wisdom needed to build businesses, advance careers, expand missions, improve and strengthen relationships, and develop cultural presence in the online community. Welcome to the art of Doing!


I opened my first successful start-up business as a casting agent in the Financial District of NYC at age 23. I went on to become a Broker and Real Estate Investor, whilst buying and selling properties adding up to millions of dollars in portfolio experience. I’ve worked as a producer and various roles for shows on Network television, cable networks such as Bravo, TLC, MTV and more. I am an author, technical and creative writer who also wrote the original script that evolved into the culture classic film Paid in Full, with Wood Harris, Mekhi Phifer, and Cam’ron. I’ve written for Antione Clarke of FEDS Magazine and I’m an experienced actress who has held roles in off-off Broadway plays, and television and film.


I’ve worked very hard to transfer the things I’ve learned and continue to learn onto A Dream LYFE’s virtual platform to help creators like you get the things you really want out of life and business and I receive immeasurable joy from doing so.


I’ve enjoy an amazing fun and productive life despite the many challenges and obstacles I’ve had to overcome to do so. I was fortunate enough to become a young mother and raise beautiful children through all of my business ventures. I know what it means to be a driven and devoted entrepreneurial female and how important it is to have the right support system and social circle to achieve massive success. As a naturally driven teacher, visionary and producer of high income non-traditional & traditional revenue streams, successful psychology and communications graduate, and humanity lover, I am happy and excited to extend my expertise and creative energy online for you to use. From my portal I’ve developed a range of products and subscription services that include my professional consult, innovative ideas, useful experience, creative intellect, business tools, software solutions, and relationship expertise designed to help you achieve the successful life and business you envision for yourself. I am inspired by the Highest Universal Power and co-create with this Infinite Love through what I consider a spiritual mission for the benefit of a wide talented audience. I am heavily engaged in the mission to help build a world where anyone can secure an opportunity to become a confident and successful creator.

But enough about me…. this website is for you! And you can always get to it at www.adreamlyfe.com or MichelleCarvalho.com


To get better results in business, career, or life in general, we have to dig deep and find the areas about ourselves that need changing. Sometimes it feels easier to try to change the things outside of ourselves, but this approach usually fails and comes back to bite us in the worst ways. […]


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