"The Future Belongs to Those Who Believe in The Beauty of Their Dreams." ~ Unknown

"The Future Belongs to Those Who Believe in The Beauty of Their Dreams." ~ Unknown

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Welcome. You’ve Entered the Virtual Village where Dreamers Create.


It’s exciting to be alive during the creative explosion of the information age, which is one of the most imaginative flows of our existence!


Inside of this virtual village you are free to create the magic in your mind, transform your thoughts into reality, use the law of attraction, manifest your deepest desires, become a magnet for the life you want, and know your worth. You can do all of this without doubt, fear, guilt, or feeling as if you must tackle these important goals without support and guidance. A Dream LYFE is our virtual village where the focus is on self-love, and bringing your mind, heart, and actions into alignment so you can have the life you want.


We are experiencing a collective shift in human consciousness. And as a woman, I celebrate the rise of feminine creativity, freedom of thought, and spiritual expression. More than ever we seek wealth of spirit, mind, and body in our daily lives. There’s an increase in our desire to attract relationships, careers, and businesses that are productive, joyful, and satisfying.


We’re no longer at the mercy of a vague society unable to find ways to grow and become higher versions of ourselves. Instead, we’ve elevated into a mindset where we can assert control over our circumstances, be accountable for our lives, and reap the rewards of our choices. You’re ready to embrace this prophetic universal shift in spirit. It’s your time to tap into and access unlimited abundance, prosperity, and happiness in all areas of life.


My name is Michelle Carvalho. I’m an author, Entrepreneur, and qualified visionary and mentor extending wisdom and guidance to you through A Dream LYFE, Blog portal. Here is where I indulge my natural desire to aid leaders, dreamers, entrepreneurs, and creators like you. I believe you are divine and filled with unique purpose. My goal is to help you reach unwavering and grounded self-love. You are here for a reason, there is no mistake about it. You are meant to find your power, unlock your potential, and navigate life with confidence, enthusiasm, grace and ease. In God’s eyes, you matter and the most important goal is for you to realize how much.

I’m happy to meet you,

Michelle Carvalho


Learn more about me and my philosophy Michelle ⇐ here.


The first place to look is inside. Within is where you’ll find the answers to get the results you want in business, career, and relationships. Trying to change the things outside of ourselves seems easiest, but that approach fails and comes back to haunt us. […]


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