I will help you find your purpose, launch your ideas & develop a new mindset to transform your relationships!

Work with me in a private group setting where I act as your personal marketing, creative, relationship, and mindset expert.

Join today & get instant access to my most effective digital courses!

Each course is designed with step-by-step guidance to help you transform the most important areas of your life; Relationships, Money & Purpose.

If you’re tired of pushing your dreams and aspirations aside just to get by, I'm here to help. By now you realize there’s no spiritual or emotional reward for denying yourself opportunities to shine.  

It's your birthright to create and live a life that's purpose driven.

You could be the type of person who puts everyone and every situation before yourself.  

Access to my digital portal will quickly give you the information you need to begin unleashing the spirit of massive change creatively and in your relationships.

When you make the decision to take your life and the things that are important to you serious, you can execute any goal.

As a highly intuitive and experienced empath, I generously share the spiritual tools, wisdom, and technical knowledge you need to thrive and advance in this digital age.

THE DREAMER2DOER VIP lifestyle circle IS FOR YOU IF.....

  • You want to change your life by completing an important goal .
  • You want to improve and strengthen your relationships.
  • You're ready to lead and become a self-sufficient entrepreneur.
  • You want to position yourself with a structured business model to launch your products online.
  • You’re ready to spread your wings, make use of social media networking & the world wide web to increase presence for your store or company on the ground.

You Want Results… ?

Putting yourself in the right circle 

will make it happen.

In addition to working with me, you'll link with devoted Dreamer2Doer VIP Members who are doing amazing things! Members are creating websites, developing talents, finding purpose, creating brands, and publishing written works.

Inside our digital space they learn the scoop for transforming their lives and business goals without taking years, wasting money, or taking massive missteps to make things happen!

We all fantasize about our dreams but most never move toward them because of feeling stuck….

You have a book in your head

You want to publish an e-book, physical book, course, or script but have no idea what software & tools to use. Or maybe you have no plan or process so you never start. 

You Relationships are holding you back

You know you need to meet new people but you feel stuck, obligated, or too guilty to try. You need more confidence to get out there & make connections.

You have no idea what you should be doing

You know there's no better time than now to create, but you haven't found your niche or figured out your purpose. You're ready to figure it out and take action.

" Whatever you want, I've made it a priority to make sure you get it. "

The Dreamer2Doer Digital Portal has two sections: 1. The School of Hard Knocks & 2. Dreamer2Doer Tech Made Easy

When you join, you'll also gain instant access to the Dreamer2Doer Private Facebook Group where the connections, fun, learning, & creative magic happens.

Tap the arrow to reveal the digital course list!


Courses Include:

School of Hard Knocks streaming videos, webinars, or live courses include:

Valuable lessons and instructions that teach you how to develop and master your mindset in the areas that interest you.

Courses are designed to expand your social, emotional, psychological, and spiritual awareness in ways you may not have reached on your own.

The content in the courses will arm you with the wisdom and knowledge you need to get more of what you want out of life, and less of what you don’t.

You'll learn a lot about law of attraction & how to use it more deliberately in your life.

Activating universal law and principals will help dissolve old habits, negative spiritual patterns, and dysfunctional relationships through heightened awareness and a stronger connection to your divine self.

You’ll develop an understanding into the science of life and why bad things happen so you can change it for yourself.

You’ll gain more reasons to move forward so you can get the career you’re after, or step into an entrepreneurial role so you can begin enjoying the life of your dreams.

The School of Hard-Knocks – Mindset Courses help you develop the rock solid self-confidence you need to create better relationships and ditch the ones that aren’t working for you.

24-hour / 365 Day Access


Courses Include:

Dreamer2DoerTech Made Easy streaming videos, webinars, or live courses include:

Technical talk broken down into easy speak that will teach you how to choose the right apps and programs to launch your creative ideas.

There are ongoing lessons and tutorials created to help you develop the technical skills you need to turn your brilliant ideas and interests into profitable businesses online.

Courses are designed to expand your knowledge about the many options available in this new age of super technology.

You'll be introduced to programs, apps, and processes that can support the execution of your self-publishing and e-commerce dreams.

Common fears and concerns about complications associated with using social media, digital apps, and services will be resolved with clear demonstrations, reviews, and live examples to learn from.

Dreamer2Doer Tech Made Easy courses compliment your mindset transformation in a huge way.

Self-confidence is strengthened when you have the technical skills you need to succeed in today’s increasingly digital world. 

You’ll be informed and able to explore your options without wasting years or months frustrated and unable to decide which products and services you really can use and trust.

Unlike those who take the tech journey solo and become overwhelmed, you'll know which products are reliable and stable so you can focus on getting the results you want.

Before you know it you’ll have the hard skills you need to secure the career you’re after, or step into an entrepreneurial role so you can begin attracting the life you want.

24-hour / 365 Day Access

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Start transforming your life now

There’s no better time than now to exercise your prosperity birthright.

You weren’t born to struggle paycheck to paycheck, stay stuck in jobs you hate, or commit to crappy relationships.

You want a shot at living out your dreams and you can have all of that.

It doesn’t matter where you start out, as you long as you start.

You can shape and create the career, business, and relationships you long for beginning now.

You can have the support of a successful and informed go getter AND a strong circle.

You Need Momentum….

” Learning to keep up with today’s technology, find your purpose, transform your mindset & make more money is hard work when you don’t know where to begin."

But, you don’t have to figure it all out alone.

Becoming a mastermind in life and business is 1000% more likely when you surround yourself with others who demonstrate mastermind ability.

People have the potential to be great but fail to understand; one of the main sources of power driving successful people to the finish line is the CIRCLE they choose.

In our DreamerToDoer Private Facebook Group, members thrive in productive company.

They’re able to expand and strengthen great ideas, get answers to difficult questions, share insight, forge valuable relationships, and tap into the collective creative power that can’t be accessed alone.

Today I’m living fearfully and leading assignments that at one point, were motionless dreams.

But because I opened my life up to dreamers, leaders and visionaries just like you – I continue meeting talented doers, including many that are making lasting impacts on my life, business, and the world.

Learn more about the experiences that help qualify me to be your guide:

  • Cultivated over 20 years of experience in Television, Film & Theater. I've held assignments as an actress, producer, writer, line producer, on-set travel coordinator & location broker for IMG Media, Bravo, TLC, MTV & a host of networks in America and for the U.K. 
  • Wrote the first industry standard script version of "TRAPPED" in 1992. It was purchased by Rockafella, & Dimension Films in 2002 and produced as the film titled "Paid In Full" with Mekhi Phifer, Wood Harris & Cam'ron. (IMBD, Chelle Carvalho)
  • Author of The Street PH.D Book Series - Available on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, & more. Developed a collection of self-empowering Digital Courses, e-books, and worksheets in Online Marketing, Law of Attraction, spiritual and psychological transformation, and 4 full scripts for film and docu-series. 
  • CEO & Owner of, The,, and a growing portfolio of digital assets; not limited to: The School of Hard Knocks course & tutorial collection, & The Dreamer2 Doer Tech Made Easy for Digital Content Creators, Solo-preneurs. 


You love the idea of having mind, spirit, & tech tools in one place!

 To stay informed, you have to be surrounded by creators who are on similar paths as you.

There was a time when I didn't realize how important this step was, so I tried to keep the same friends even when my interests were going in a different direction.

I had to cut the cord and leave my comfort zone before I started seeing results in my life and business. 

I had to separate myself temporarily so I could have the energy to put myself around the right people.

We all need the right information coming our way to get to the next level. The more I learned, the more I wanted to share with others and create a resource like the one I wish I had back way back when.

I do all the research, implementation, and testing on software, applications, and other relative digital processes so you don’t have to.

This saves you time & energy by helping to avoid common mistakes that could potentially hold you back or discourage you from taking the next step.

There's so much information out there that it can be overwhelming.

I'm always working in the background to make sure you’re getting the information you need straight from an active source.

My life experiences gifted me with amazing insight and wisdom into the minds of people professionally.

I have a sharp eye in the realm of dysfunctional friends and family members, narcissistic, abusive partners; and I know the steps it takes to create healthy, productive relationships.

I’m eager to share all of this with you because I believe that by doing so, I help make the world a better place!

And if the world is a better place, that means I'll benefit from an improved quality of life as well.

Life has taught me that the people we allow in our lives can either make or break us.

Unfortunately, most of us have no idea how heavily we’re affected and influenced by other people.

One of the main reasons I created this VIP space is for the positive cypher I know it offers people who really want it & are seriously ready to invest in themselves. 

I’ve been in the trenches in the digital world learning all the secrets to a successful online presence.

I’ve paid tens of thousands of dollars to work beside top digital marketers and social media influencers so you don’t have to.

Even more than my college degree, these mentorships were some of the best investments I made in myself. They helped put me in a position to teach you what I learned and more.

Having good connections like the ones I provide in our group drive you forward, help build confidence, and tune you in to a frequency of success in ways that trying to do it alone won’t.

You become a part of a massive success cypher.

Our Dreamer2Doer Private Membership VIP group is an online cypher where law of attraction is taught and actively at work in our lives.

Becoming discouraged to the point of giving up and abandoning your dreams is harder to do when you’re bonded to a group of caring and concerned partners who support you and help you stay accountable.

There’s nothing more reassuring than having people in your corner who are interested and invested in your success, and believe in your projects as much as you do.

“My commitment to take the inside job of self-improvement allowed me to drastically transform my own life.

Personal transformation and success happens at the expense of releasing old and unproductive people and bad habits from our lives.

But it’s not really an expense. We lose nothing & gain everything.

I’m not mad at that part of the process one bit.”

~ Michelle ~

  • I found my way out of a horrific abusive relationship & learned to love myself.
  • I attracted close to 2 million dollars using Law of Attraction by trusting my visualizations on a better life for my family and I. This one was crazy! And I can’t wait to share the story with you!
  • I left a job and a relationship with just the clothes on my back. I put my energy into my faith and decided nothing could be worse than what I was going through. I was right. Things turned around like never before.
  • I used internal will and spiritual resistance to stay away from people who had nothing good to bring into my life. I began to pro-actively secure the kind of relationships, business, and financial flow I feel happy, excited, & grateful to enjoy.
  • I restructured and mastered the deeply embedded negative inner-psychology that caused me to attract bullshit friends, f*ck boys, manipulators, cheaters, liars, and abusive men into my life.

When I think of my mistakes, I’m grateful for them. Besides, they helped shape me into the person I am today.

Not only am I blessed with unique wisdom, they taught me the discipline I need to implement, activate and create my wildest dreams.

I continue reaching toward new levels, levels that many people think are only reserved for a select few.

But there’s no such thing because the universe makes room for ANYONE who trusts the process and directs energy toward their goals.

I’m happy to report that most successful people are ordinary humans, just like you and I.

We all came from the same cosmic space, but some of us need to be “deposited into” every day so we can connect to a newer, updated version of ourselves.

When you purchase your membership you'll enter into our Dreamer2Doer Private Facebook Group, gain 24-hour/365 day access to customized course materials, instructional videos, Live Support Q&A webinars, and new modules as they're released! 

You be in a supportive partnership with Dreamer2Doer VIP Members who want to see you succeed.

In the group you will....

  • Get answers to “how to" questions from my personalized response videos.
  • Discover what you’re good at, match it to the economy and attract money for doing it.
  • Learn how to create a website or use Instagram and Facebook Ads to advance your business goals.
  • Learn exactly what applications and digital services you need to launch a profitable two page website.
  • Receive inside advice to help with relationship and spiritual conflicts.
  • Learn how to publish your own book or online product.
  • Discover how to properly implement Law Of Attraction in your life.

Our private group is designed to help you achieve and maintain the goals that are important to you. This is possible through a diverse lifestyle curriculum with membership support.

Dreamer2Doer Private VIP Group features provide unlimited access to recorded and live instructional videos that can be tapped into from anywhere in the world with Internet access.

For as long as you need to, you will own the tools to transform your life, find purpose, enjoy better relationships, and flourish professionally.

No more excuses! You can get what you need from your phone, tablet, or computer on any schedule, in the comfort of your home, or anytime you please!


Entering the Dreamer2Doer VIP Lifestyle Membership will give you the tech tools and wisdom you need to define purpose and accomplish your goals.  If you don't feel you've found the resource you need to live your best life inside this membership, I failed to deliver.
And if I didn't deliver, I don't want to keep your hard earned money.
I'll put my word on this VIP Membership and give you 14 days to experience the VIP status and course material.
You have my personal guarantee or your money back!

New Digital Courses Are Consistently Being Added To The Portal!

You get to secure your spot now at a deeply discounted rate. Before I release every single course into the portal, I'm opening it up to those who are ready to invest in them early.

By taking your spot now you also give me the "okay" to deliver the course material you want so I can customize every aspect the content to fit your goals and needs. 

When the full course line up is released live, the cost to enter will be much higher $$.


People are always asking me questions about life, relationships, and making money.

This has been my life’s calling and put down on me from a very young age. 

It might be from the optimism & persistency I’ve shown in the face of extreme adversity. 

But whatever the reason they choose me, I love to answer questions that might help another person find their personal power. 

These questions are the inspiration behind my book series The Street Ph.D, where I address many common issues in the first 2 books. No More BrokeAssNess & 16 Laws for Gangster Confidence.

Unfortunately, I'm unable to answer everyone’s deeply urgent questions in person or on my timeline due to time restraints and privacy issues – BUT in the group, it’s a different story.


Aside from all the self-empowering course modules you’ll get with relationship advice and tech knowledge, you’ll have opportunity after opportunity to get direct answers to issues you can’t work out on your own.

I’m excited about that and I hope you are, too. An hour one-to-one consult of this kind runs for $700 and up. 

You get that live call included in your Dreamer2Doer VIP group membership!

Just 60 49 spots left for the 2019 Dreamer2Doer VIP Circle.


This offer is only available for a limited time and cannot be guaranteed after the term specified. My all-inclusive digital portal is in high demand due to its course material, however only a set amount of members can enter each year.




Month to Month Membership




To become a Member in the Dreamer2Doer Private Facebook Group with 365 day full access to our member’s portal and all its digital courses & content, insider perks and privileges, is a one time investment of $497+$10 per month for a Limited Time. 

Your first month’s $10 Membership dues will be waived today. You will only pay $497 to secure your seat in our virtual space.

Your membership dues will begin one month after your initial purchase date.

So you buy in today and get ONE MONTH FREE, No Membership Dues for 30 days!

If you join on the 10th, your membership will go until the 10th of the following month.

At that time you will be enrolled in the Dreamer2Doer Lifestyle Membership you selected until a cancellation is made.

Due to the sensitivity of the material shared inside of the members area, if a cancellation is made within 3 business days of an automated billing, a full refund will be issued.

However, no refunds will be charged back to subscribers after 3 business days of the charge date.

You are locking this special membership monthly rate in for life.

It will never go up for any reason, unless you cancel your membership and return at a later date. 

UNLIMITED VIP Access to all digital course titles, LIVE coaching calls & all perks listed above is only $497 for the next a limited time.

Option 2: Join as a Platinum Mastermind Client

Purchase of a One on One Platinum Mentorship with personal guidance, private calls & a full online brand development execution, including a 2-page website, url, social media account integration, implementation of automation, app support & one full year access to our private Facebook Mastermind Group requires an application to be considered.

*Private Facebook Group Membership Fee is waived for one full year with the Platinum Membership. 

Total Investment to become a Platinum Member with full Course access, purpose/business/website development & private coaching up to launch date is $9,997 + Necessary Digital Asset Acquisition costs.

*CLIENTS: Platinum Mastermind Access is LIMITED – AND by screen appointment and application only.


Things won't be different a year from now without you making an investment in yourself.

Your dreams deserve to be created & you deserve to be happy.

You can easily trigger self-transformation with the right information. If there’s one true thing I learned, it’s that the right information at the right time can change everything. 

For a lot of people who struggle to make a better life, there’s no access.

Here, I’ve made it possible and affordable for anyone to have access if it’s what they really want.

You can start making your dream projects a reality by entering into a powerful circle.

This positive cypher has been created to give you the knowledge you need to define and apply your purpose. 

It’s your turn to make money & forge new relationships with quality people! 

The most important part of the Dreamer2Doer VIP Circle is showing you how to get to the next level.

Most people have no idea how to get where they want to be so they stop trying :-(  

I will give you all the information you need to launch your website, use Facebook and Instagram Ads to grow your brand, give you the plug to a Facebook & YouTube Ads GURU (and some insider secrets that most are not sharing)…

AND, teach you to revamp your mindset so you can attract the relationships you want!

Here's what some people say about me........


My business & I are better off after working with Michelle.

She’s easy to connect with during Q&A and we get a lot done. I learned a lot about the psychology of relationships, which helped improve my stress levels & management of our customer relationships.

CHARLES DAVIS , Restaurant/Bar owner


Michelle is trustworthy, dependable, and a great problem solver. Her positive attitude and wonderful sense of humor make her fun to work with as well. She never disappoints!


Work with Michelle & expect big changes in your life…

Michelle knows how to help others find confidence to act on their ideas. She has a unique ability to understand the spirit. She helps her clients secure success in life and business.

Carl Joseph , Mogul Media/Marketer

I joined Michelle on her 30-Day mindset shift challenge that changed the game for me…

I’ve carried the skills, practices & jewels Michelle shared in her 30-day 4am challenge into my daily routine. As a result, I’m focused; I’m able to prioritize & maintain the actions necessary to accomplish my goals.


Michelle overcame trials that would permanently derail most people…

She’s such an inspiration to know, work with, and derive wisdom from. It’s refreshing to watch her help so many people by sharing real tools for creating success in relationships & business.


Here are a few of my popular posts shared on social media ........