YES! you're ready to dig into 2020 FASTING for 30 Days!

Let's Kickstart 2020 with my 30-DAY MULTI-STEP FAST w/audio. It's like a transformation Bootcamp from anywhere. We'll challenge your psyche, patience, habits & more as you face new unique challenges daily.

​Small daily challenges like the ones we're going to take on for the next 30 days can create massive shifts in the way you feel, think, & act.

Each day you're changing, questioning your potential, seeking new ways to be better & more impressive than the day before.

You're like an onion. 

There are so many layers of you to peel back before reaching the bulb inside. But when you find it, that's the golden seed!

It's the deepest, most sacred part of your being - And you can unleash it to help you achieve anything you set your mind to....


- lose weight, dump a loser, make more money, control your emotions, change your environment - you can change anything

Each small challenge you take builds confidence, raises self-esteem, & strengthens self-trust - and all of that propels you to want to do more. And you will.

Your plans for this year will manifest. 2020 is going to be a good year. I can feel it! I'll see you inside.

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