The truth is, I'm a shy introvert.

I had to learn to be okay with compliments, especially because of the nature of my work. Sometimes knowing how I make people feel and sharing their sentiments while working with me, translates a sense of worthiness & trust in my products and mission to those who may work with me next.

Though I could never list them all, I dedicate this page to everyone who gives me praise because they're the ones who motivate & inspire me to do more. Thank you.

Here's what some people say they like about me.

Michelle has a magnetic personality...

I am drawn by her ingenuity & good nature. She encourages and supports those around her and wants to see them succeed. Her positive influence & bright spirit is contagious. She finds ways to achieve what many might see as impossible. 

LATOYA GORDON  / MLB Advanced Media

Michelle has been a leader amongst our volunteers serving the poor...

She has been a consistent, reliable, and selfless volunteer for our organization. When we distribute food to the homeless on the streets, she’s actively engaged in listening and supporting. She has that unique ability to work across all levels.

KIRK A. BARRELL / President Amelia Res.

Michelle overcame trials that would permanently derail most people...

She's such an inspiration to know, work with, and derive wisdom from.  It's refreshing to watch her help so many people by sharing real tools for creating success in relationships & business. 


I joined Michelle on her 30-Day mindset shift challenge that changed the game for me...

I've carried the skills, practices & jewels Michelle shared in her 30-day 4am challenge into my daily routine. As a result, I'm focused; I'm able to prioritize & maintain the actions necessary to accomplish my goals.

DONNA ROBINSON/  CEO Sisters of Faith

How Wonderful it is That Nobody Needs to Wait a Singe Moment Before Starting to Improve the World."  ~ Anne Frank

Here are a few of my popular posts shared on social media.

Be a part of a dreamer's journey.  I'm excited to work with you, make you laugh, and help you reach your goals. It's your time & you will reach new levels!​​

Love & Light,



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