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About Me - Michelle Carvalho
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  • Cultivated over 20 years of experience in Television, Film & Theater as an actress, producer, writer, Real Estate Broker, on-set and travel coordinator, and Line Producer for IMG Media & Bravo, TLC, MTV & a host of networks in America and the U.K.

  • Wrote the first industry standard script version of "TRAPPED" in 1992. It was purchased by Rockafella, & Dimension Films in 2002 and produced as the film titled "Paid In Full" with Mekhi Phifer, Wood Harris & Cam'ron. (IMBD, Chelle Carvalho)

  • Author of The Street PH.D™ Book & Audio Series, a collection of Digital Courses in; Self-Love, Self-efficiency through creativity & Tech knowledge, Online Marketing, Natural Laws of Manifestation (Voodoo Vizion Board™), countless e-books, worksheets, journals, 4 full scripts for film and docu-series & countless digital assets & contributions. The Street Ph.D is also available on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, & more....                         

  • CEO & Owner of ADreamLYFE.com, Members.ADreamLYFE.com, The StreetPHD.com, MichelleCarvalho.com, and a growing portfolio of digital assets; not limited to: The School of Hard Knocks Course & tutorial collection, & Dreamer2 Doer Tech Tools for Digital Content Creators, Solo-preneurs & Entrepreneurs - within our Member's website area. 

I Created A Dream LYFE to deliver on more than one purpose.

Here, is our virtual village where anyone, but particularly survivors of narcissistic abuse, can restore, renew, and reconnect to their authentic, creative, and empathetic selves.

I've packed so much of my interpretations and insight into how to achieve Self-loveCreative Freedom , Gangster Confidence, & No More BrokeAssNess.

Vast life experiences, training, education, and skillsets put me in a position to teach, offer creative guidance, and support seekers along the journey toward acknowledging individual uniqueness.

The diverse information I create and leverage at A Dream LYFE is a plug to help clients tap in, get what they need and want to move forward and build out the goals set in their imaginations.

Learning the complexities of toxic energy & narcissistic abuse so creators can heal & get back on the creative path is all within grasp in my work.

LYFE is an acronym I use in my business title to remind you to -  "Love Yourself & Focus On Empowerment."

Surviving the traumatic experiences (ptsd) of a narcissistic father and grandmother during early childhood, and later placing myself in relationship after relationship with narcissistic friends, partners, and professionals..... set me back on my dreams & goals. 

In some of the worst ways imaginable, I learned how devastating the effects this kind of abuse is on one's ability to develop a healthy sense of self, and create the life they really want.  Now I'm here doing what I love. I am the example. Anything is possible !

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One of the most eye-opening discoveries I found on my quest for healing from the residue of narcissistic abuse.... 

...and something that helped ease the pressure off blaming myself, is understanding how narcissistic parents and care takers, (knowingly or unknowingly) prime - condition - and program us to become perfect prey for all the narcissists we have yet to encounter. 

It wasn't until I became aware of the psychological conditioning from early childhood narcissistic abuse - did I begin to understand that my choices were being triggered from deep within my subconscious mind.

A light came on. It allowed me to forgive myself & embrace a new journey toward freedom from toxic people. I began to heal and gain conscious-awareness of my attraction frequency.

I was literally "surrounded by narcissists" because that's all I knew.

By default of my upbringing, they chose me and I chose them, and I continued bringing them into my life.

Here, we're on a spiritual mission to heal our wounds, accept that they happened, and allow the wisdom from those darker days to serve their part in who we are at this moment.

But, we will not surrender those divine faculties that narcissistic abusers work so hard to destroy;

...Our light, empathy, ambition, distinct qualities, personalities, creative nature, confidence, and birthright to develop a joyful, abundant, and prosperous life.

For years I tackled depression.

There was a of focus and commitment for the kind of life experiences I set out to accomplish. 

Deep insecurities and fears of the unknown consumed me due to the terrifying experiences that were dominating my memories. 

To make matters worse, I was surround by people who couldn't understand the trauma I'd been through.

So of course, they weren't in any position to support my ideas, or teach me what I needed to know to become the best version of myself.

I survived 2 serious car accidents.

In one accident I was struck by an 18-wheeler and came close to losing my left arm.

Five years before that, I was ejected onto a local expressway from an SUV that was moving at 65mph before hitting a divider.

After several days in a medically induced coma, I woke up to learn what I'd been through a few nights before. 

Except for the altercation that forced me into the vehicle that evening, my memory of the accident was completely wiped out.

The driver was my ex,  an abusive malignant narcissist.

For me, the amazing part of this story is when the doctor told me, despite that horrible accident, I hadn't suffered any serious or life threatening injuries.

Aside from the gaping hole in the back of my head, the doctor assured me the injury to my brain was minimal. I suffered some internal bruising to my brain that would heal over time.

The flesh wounds did heal. That following year I was able to regain my muscular and mental strengths. 

Luckily, no permanently incapacitating damage was done. I'm able to move and extend my arm, and my cognitive skills are fine!

I'm sure a higher power walked with me those nights and many others. Something divine was working on my behalf for a reason.

You've probably went through some incredible experiences as well. I'm here to learn all about them. Our stories matter.

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Life is precious and meant to be lived in creative movement toward purpose.

Because I know what it's like to be emotionally lost, spiritually broken, stuck in dysfunctional relationships, and bound to incompatible or toxic friendships....

I have a unique ability to understand people who may think their stuck, but reaching out for guidance from the trenches. 

Leveraging social media, software & applications online has given me access to powerful tools to extend my efforts toward those who want them.

I'm committed to working with creators who want a sacred space to learn to love themselves.

And at the same time, they can become skilled in the most important processes for running an online business or brand.

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I've always been kinda nerdy and techy, so those characteristics and skills became important features of my Self-Love Campaign/Online Business. 

Being online is tempting. 

Right now you can witness so many creators growing their brands and doing what they love - BUT figuring out how they're doing it seems HARD. 

Let's say you do find out what software they're using, now you might run into issues during the learning curve.

You can spend hours upon hours on Google or Youtube searching for every little step.

This can go on for weeks, months, or even years - causing procrastination and stagnation. 

 So I decided to put the most important aspects of running an online business in front of the creator, writer, store owner, etc...

Because when people get back to loving themselves they begin to create. They write books, entertain ideas and follow their dreams.

Today, we have to be online to support those dreams. Your website makes everything real. 

Here's what I'm committing to teach you. 

  • How to plan, structure, build & launch your website. You'll understand why I choose wordpress & Thrive Architect as my primary tools. 
  • Various desktop publishing, pdf, graphic, image and visual techniques / softwares / & applications you can use  for free and for low rates to produce and manage your content.
  • You'll learn to focus into your main goal, organize the supporting ones, build on the development of each goal, & prioritize them out to completion.
  • Written and recorded course material outlining the 4 step self-publishing process.  Everything you need to write your book, script, podcast, or personal story and release it. 
  • The psychology for being on camera to do live videos. The best practices for creating pre-recorded videos that people will be interested in, according to your niche. 
  • During the Voodoo Vizion Board Course™ I present the spiritual laws of attraction in ways that will help you become more proficient at attracting everything you work toward.
  • By video, answer questions and perform live demonstrations on applications, software, or any topic / process scheduled or requested.
  • Most importantly, I teach independent creators how to automate every aspect of their businesses, services, and products by leveraging various software integrations. When you're done, you can sell in your sleep while the heavy lifting is automatically happening on your behalf.

I developed our exclusive online private community to:

  • Give members access to the experience and wisdom I've developed over the years & continue developing.
  • Open connections to successful entrepreneurs and creators in common from various industries, with knowledge and information to share.
  • Deliver live and pre-recorded digital workshops to provide life-changing information & support for relationships, business, and spirit all in one membership.
  • Provide a private virtual space where I can easily show up LIVE to dive into your questions & concerns each week.

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