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Finding inspiration is an art, maintaining it is a science that requires your full attention.

Transform your life, relationships, & business!

SMILE, dance and celebrate in good spirit!! Keep moving forward in the direction of the great experiences you see for yourself in your mind’s eye. Stay focused and prepared for an AMAZING future! 

Nothing inspires me like a lakefront property.

One of the top ways to maintain a happy and productive life is to keep distance from miserable, negative, and pessimistic personality types. The types that just won’t take responsibility for where they are in life; you know the ones! There are people around us who have a problem for every solution. I’ve learned to stop wasting valuable time and energy trying to convince them otherwise. Instead, I set out each day to attract folks who are ready to blossom. We’re not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but a lot of us want to surround ourselves with as much positive and straight forward energy as possible to stay on course.

This is not to imply that I have no love for negative ninjas, I just know that they have to continue experiencing life for themselves, and in their own way, and turn the corner toward transformation in their own time. The best thing we can do for people who exude negative energy about every little thing is lead by example. We will give them something to be curious about, and demonstrate love and inspiration in our own lives. You can’t motivate a lazy donkey to walk to the stream but you can head over and hydrate yourself, eventually when he’s parched enough he’ll follow you there.

Life is challenging and overwhelming at times

Nothing frightens me more than thinking old age is the only solution for developing a better understanding of life’s difficulties. We should be able to stand firm, turn inward, and begin the inside job to inspire real change while we’re still young and vibrant. We are living longer lives, which means we have more than enough years ahead to make lasting impact on the world. We change the world by transforming ourselves, but it’s challenging to do this work alone. We need the support, direction, and spiritual word of our brethren to thrive and rise above circumstances that can throw us off track, depress us, deprive us, and slow our growth. Each day offers an opportunity to work toward shaping life into your sacred visions. You’re welcome to use any of the ingredients you need for creating your life’s masterpiece from my table! I have spread them all out for you to take and use. Allow your emotional pain and baggage to become the fuel driving your transformation.

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