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will help you get over it.

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There's 30 Steps You Can Take....

to help turn it all around when you're heart is trapped between the of emotions disappointment and grief.

Mindfulness helps balance negative emotions and bring clarity when facing loss and separation.

Bad experiences and failed relationships don't have to leave you feeling broken and abandoned when you learn how to use them as sources of power, strength and wisdom. 

Here's what I want to help you do.


Feeling Sad and Stuck.


Blaming Yourself


Replaying bad memories.


Feeling empowered.

Use techniques that work to shift your emotions & help you feel like yourself again.

"I experienced a lot of heartbreak. It made me a super compassionate empath who feels and relates to the emotional struggles of other empaths on a deep level. This is why I devote so much of myself to helping people like you take your life back."

I know what it feels like to be feel loss & heartbreak.

There isn't a person of any relation, I think, who spared me the worst side of themselves. I've been hurt by all types; friends, parents, family members, children (my own) - and a few complete strangers.

I used to wear my heart on my sleeve, so I'm no new-bee to feeling slighted.

At a point in my life I was 118 pounds, and that's never a good thing where I come from. I was stressed, drained, and so into my feelings that I didn't know how to get out.

I learned later that rock bottom is a choice. We don't have to go there and stay. People tend to share the rock bottom ideology as if it's a good thing and we can just bounce up once we hit it.

But the truth is, rock bottom can be even tougher to climb out because by that time you've lost all confidence. I want to show you how NOT to go that far into your feelings, and how to bring yourself out with care if you're already buried in your emotions.

You don't need to sacrifice your energy, spirit, and psychological health on obstacles, people, and loss.

Much of what you go through are normal occurrences, meaning someone else is either going through it or they've been through it.

You're not alone. Though some people hope you feel that way, especially when you're trying to leave relationships that hurt you.

Take these 30 easy to do steps and get your mind back where you want it to be. They worked for me and they'll work for you!

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