Results of coaching, courses, and workshops, whether one to one or in a group setting are not guaranteed.

The consistent, determined, and thoughtful actions of each client is the ultimate decider of individual success and accomplishment.

Clients who find progress are those who act. Your level of success and personal satisfaction are determined in large degree by your commitment, willpower, dedication, practice, and willingness to do so.

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If you would like to request additional information regarding our Disclaimer, please contact us at: Legal@adreamlyfe.com

REFUND POLICY: Refund Policies are disclosed in detailed context for each event, course, coaching call, membership, bundle, book, audio, or any other digital product listed on my website, or various social media channels. Trial periods and cancellation options prior to use are noted on the sales pages of each product. *Please be sure to read everything before committing to a purchase.

In most cases where courtesy, specially discounted, or regular priced downloads of books & corresponding audio files are released to user upon request (whether the file has been opened or not, and whether the transaction is the result of a gift, purchase, or other exchange), there are no refunds. However, you're continued success and life are important to me. If you're facing a hardship or extenuating circumstance that puts you out of the way, please email me your concerns to: ask-michelle@adreamlyfe.com