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Your Self-Esteem Might Be Shot if…..

  We want to believe we love ourselves, so we miss the signals we   give off that might translate to others as low self-esteem.

It’s 2019. And the world we live in is much different than it was five years ago.

Technology dramatically changes the way we interact with one another. The digital era increased our interactions 1000 times over (this is not accurate - it's way more than that)

Twenty years ago we had to pick up a landline to call a friend when feeling down, but today we can repost a relatable meme with a few taps on our cell phones and the message is quite clear. 

But those viral memes are not always good for us psychologically.

The visuals we see on social media can drain our self-esteem. 

For example, memes can be great tools for quickly communicating various emotions and expressions. They provide a good laugh when we need it and can even make us feel less alone. It feels good when we see a meme we can relate to about a tough topic. 

But sometimes the messages memes promote, while relatable and funny, aren’t always good for our self-esteem. We get sucker punched a lot without realizing it.

Poor jokes, fat jokes, single and crazy jokes, it goes on and on.

A significant number of women suffer from low self-esteem. Surprisingly, when compared to women across nations, more women suffer from low self-esteem in western countries like America in more than any other place. 

Low self esteem can be mentally debilitating.

Memes are one of the tools that help raise awareness about mental health issues, but have simultaneously normalized them. While it’s great to be able to laugh through our pain, it’s important to also be able to understand it, too.


You need a SECOND opinion. And a THIRD, and a FOURTH....

Are you indecisive?

Obviously there are times when we’re struggling with a major life decision and need guidance. But do you ask for guidance for every little thing in your life from what color shirt you should wear to which TV series you should binge watch next?

That could be a well-disguised sign that your confidence levels aren’t where they should be.

When you’re confident in yourself, you’re able to make decisions with ease because you trust your own judgement.

If this doesn’t sound like a familiar feeling, the next time you feel the need to seek validation, get the mirror out and ask the person staring back at you.

Even if you're not doing this out loud but thinking it in your head.... it's not good for your esteem. You have to trust yourself, or at least learn how to. 

You Apologize. All. The. Time.

Do you apologize for everything?

Even when it's not your fault?

Is “I’m sorry” your automatic response when you’re accused of apologizing too much?

This could be a symptom of low self esteem.

If you don’t feel like you’re worthy or good enough, then you’ll constantly apologize because you’ll feel like you’re constantly making mistakes. This is a lie!

The next time you catch yourself about to say the dreaded phrase in regards to something insignificant, give yourself a little compliment instead. You’re worth it!

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When you suffer from low self esteem, you typically feel quite insecure. Many people with low self esteem would rather be alone - whether that means never making plans or always canceling them.

The longer you isolate the harder it is to feel comfortable in the presence of others.

Instead of isolating yourself, make an effort to go out at least once per day. Be assertive and invite a friend to an outing with events you chose and scheduled yourself. Consider the things they like that match up with your preferences and assume they will be happy to join you. 


Today, our world is HIGHLY visual.

People rave about appearances 24-hours a day. Whether it's over Kim Kardashian's ass, Chyna Blac's expensive lace fronts, or Cardi B's new perfect teeth - the message is clear.




If you find yourself comparing your body, face, clothes, or income to others as a way to determine your worth, your self-esteem could be lacking. If it's not, it will be soon if you entertain competitive thoughts. 

If your personal choices concerning beauty are heavily influenced by the latest trends - "you could lose the emotional stability that comes with acknowledging and appreciating your own unique beauty and style." 

You are beautiful in a way that no one else can be. 

You are also unique, and you have to allow that to play out.

I don't have to see you to know you have beautiful and original characteristics about you. We all do. We just have to acknowledge those things about ourselves. 

The negative side effects of low self esteem can create anxiety, loneliness, or a tendency to offer yourself up too easily in the wrong kind of relationships >> and depression. 

If you’re like so many others who experience low self esteem, you might not even notice it until you find yourself in situations that are negatively affecting your life. It's okay to identify low self esteem, because at that point can you do something about it. 

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Taking charge of your life and planning for a future you can be happy about is the number way to feel confident and sure of yourself. 

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