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Snapshot - Call Types

  • 10 Minutes w/michelle
  • I Just Need to talk - 30
  • Self-Love - 1
  • SELF-LOVE - 2
  • SELF-LOVE - 3
  • SELF-LOVE - 4
Coaching Call

Book Your Call to Tackle a Challenge

Hi, thanks for visiting A Dream LYFE,

Please note to book a call, first I like to learn a little more about you, and what your plans or needs are before we schedule it.

Our courtesy call is limited to 10 minutes. Keeping our conversation short, but meaningful and productive, is what allows me to speak with as many dreamers as possible. 

If you have multiple questions or want to tackle a topic or concern more in-depth, especially about narcissists, and we're a good fit, we can make plans to do so following our call. 

One-on-One Paid Sessions automatically generate course/membership & discounts for access!Please inquire during courtesy call.

Use the form below to briefly tell me about your goals or other concern you want help with this year. I'll give you instant access to my calendar so you can pick a date and time when you're done sending the message. Talk soon 🙂

Love & Light,
~ Ms. Michelle