"The mind attracts anything it's in harmony with; good or bad. If you want to experience more of what you really want, get in sync with what that feels like.

~ Michelle Carvalho ~

So, what's the Master-Mindset Lifestyle Suite all about?

...It's a live communication line, by webinar or a private session - open to a visionary who wants to see you thrive, succeed and be happy.

Although I'm a Psychology Major who graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor Degree focused in various areas of the discipline; I'm not a psychologist, psychiatrist, or counselor. I am a mentor, visionary, teacher, trainer and spiritual advisor. If life experience handed down PhD’s for endurance, grind and hustle, I've certainly earned one. Learn more about my grind here.

The primary difference between a psychologist and a visionary is; the psychologist focuses on your past and a visionary starts where you're at NOW and focuses energy toward improving the current moment.

The Master-Mindset Lifestyle Suite will help you:  elevate your A-Game, deconstruct problems in a practical way, eliminate distractions, navigate obstacles, create direction, master a new skill, discover purpose, define a niche, design a goal oriented blueprint, balance life and career, plan out your future, and ultimately build a momentum for exponential growth and transformation in the areas of life that are important to you.

Valuable characteristics of this approach are; having someone knowledgeable and supportive on your side, connecting and learning from others like you, experiencing the power of multiple heads as better than one, a sounding board to bring back answers you didn't realize you had inside, and accountability to maintain progress.

Here are some common challenges I've helped clients' overcome.

They Hate Their Careers and Want to Change.

Major complaint. Changing careers is the most disruptive and frightening process in the minds of people faced with this dilemma.

Aside from my clients, I've transitioned in and out of several positions throughout my professional life as an entrepreneur. Having ran several businesses, worked on big productions for film and television (on stage & back stage), and providing cooperate housing placement for top entertainment industry professionals - I've mastered the tools, techniques and mindset required for making these transitions fun and exciting opportunities for change, and less about being a frightening mystery to a dreadful end. I hand this valuable information and inspiration over to my clients in a package that is easy to understand and apply.


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They don't feel confident or good enough.

This is an area where my passion ignites to meet the challenge of low-confidence. Fear is such an illusionary lie, it holds great and talented people back from reaching their full potential, following dreams and ambitions, and becoming the person they're capable of transforming into.

It's my specialty, and it's where a new perspective and fresh sense of self can be found. A fresh perspective initiates the mindset tweak that releases confidence and diminishes fear. Clients nail this one when they adapt improved mental and emotional skills, and learn the benefits of going with the ebb and flow. You can get a head start by downloading the book I wrote to help unleash confidence here (ADD LINK).

They're in Relationships that Drain Them of Energy & Self-Worth.

Relationships are not always easy but they're worth it and important. Establishing the core reasons for relationships and how they can either hurt or help you is how this area is navigated. When clients can listen tap into their intuition and decide what they want, and ensure that those things line up with what's best for them spiritually and emotionally, solutions to difficult relationship issues result. The steps toward more fulfilling relationships become evident and walking away from ones that cause suffering become straightforward.

They're in Entrepreneurs stuck in the hamster-wheel.

Some clients are just starting out and want to know the best ways to structure and launch a new business idea and some are in businesses that are not performing well.

I have personal interest in the phenomenon of creative flow. I'm obsessed with helping entrepreneurs find their inspiration, tap into their personal power, and set up sensible systems that are unique and specific to their business needs and objectives. Client business is optimized and set up to flow and grow according to the vision of its owner and the demand of its client, and consulted through my extensive experience and research in the area specified.

They don't have enough time.

There are only two ways to get more time when you feel you have none.

You can either find more (limited) or do more in less time (infinite). Time management is arranged in order of importance and self-management is the approach that determines the best outcome and use of time. We situate both and you decide which things can be outsourced and which of them must go. There's always something that must go because the truth is, no one ever gets everything done so we figure out which tasks bring the most value and focus on them. We save the time many entrepreneurs assume they don't have by creating ways to do the things they love to do faster and more efficiently.

There's always time to do the things you want to do and we will focus on bringing light to those things and how to fit them in without hassle. We'll sharpen your skills to do more of what counts in less time, and give some time back to you.

How Michelle's Master-Mindset Lifestyle Sessions Work

All of our sessions are via Zoom, Audio or Video - and are up to 90 minutes.

The amount of sessions you'll participate in depends on your level of need, and personal situation.

I don't create caps, limits, minimums, or pre-package sessions because you're investing in your results, not in my time with you. However, from experience an ideal space between each sessions is 2-weeks and the number of calls you'll need to solve a specific issue varies. The form is designed to help with determining what can be accomplished in the first session.

In some cases, one session can bring complete clarity to a specific dilemma or obstacle. Details for each session are posted in advance and Q&A's help bring valuable insight to the circle when you commit to a VIP group setting.

One to One Scheduled Calls follow a similar system, except you will receive a digital workbook and assessment to make the most of your experience. An email will be sent to you upon notification of your booking. Amazing things happen when you have the voice of wisdom and reason in your contacts!

Kings, Queens, and the most successful people in the world have someone depositing wisdom and inspiration in their ear. Now you can as well. See how I am viewed by a few fascinating souls I've partnered with....

Here's what they're saying......

Anita Mingo

Medical Records Associate

Michelle's process has helped me tremendously. I'm just so happy I found her. With time being so limited it's reassuring to know I can jump in on a call that will help me find the clarity and peace of mind I need to move forward. Speaking with her brings me insight, and I always leave with a broader perspective. It's empowering to gain a deeper understanding of how much I can do, and feel I have what I need to apply it. I've been able to turn my career around. I finally move out of my apartment into one I am so excited about. Michelle is like a best friend and I appreciate not having to go far or get in my car to connect to her. The convenience of the video call is on point. Thanks so much! 

Charles Davis

Restaurant/Bar Owner

My business and I are much better off having had the pleasure of working with Michelle. She's easy to connect with during Q&A and we get a lot done. I learned a lot about the psychology of relationships, which helps to not only improve my stress levels while dealing in a fast paced restaurant business, but also for managing the customer relationship, which I now realize is the most important thing. Michelle provided my staff and I the right advice to help boost our customer base by providing better service and in turn restored the business and patron flow. I wish she was looking to work in the restaurant business I'd hire her in a heartbeat.

Adrienne Robinson

Accountant/Billing Specialist

Knowing Michelle has been a huge blessing. I connected with her during a time in my life that was emotionally confusing and painful. She managed to transfer hope and inspiration into my thought process with her positive, cheerful, reasoning, and caring personality. Pieces of my personal puzzle were scattered and missing, and with Michelle's wonderful ability to define reasons behind troubling issues, whether within myself or in my environment, I was able to understand what I needed to do to begin mending and bringing back together those important pieces that were lost before. She referred me for holistic treatment and encouraged me to take control of my spiritual and physical experience and taught me that I was capable of beginning the healing  process myself, and so much more than I gave myself credit for at the time. With Michelle being so open and authentic with me I was able to learn so much and begin applying that knowledge into my life, which literally "saved my life." She is amazing. 

Amanda Wilson


Michelle helped me see that I had access to way more than I realized. I was holding back on starting my business for various reasons but didn't realize my mindset was blocking me from seeing opportunities that were right in front of me. I felt inspired to call a family member once I heard Michelle say how sometimes we'll have the supporter of our dreams right under our noses and let pride or ego stop us from collecting our blessings. For privacy reasons I'll only share the outcome. I reached out to a relative whom I hadn't talked to in a while and explained my situation, I asked for what I needed, offered a clear and organized business plan and structure of repayment, and to my surprise he not only gave it to me but didn't want to be paid back. I couldn't believe it. It I learned anything from Michelle is, "if you don't try you'll never know and a no is just permission to try again." Those were here own words and I value them so much now. I spent close to five years waiting, hoping and up in the air about to give up on it and everything shifted for me in one conversation. 

On another note, Michelle has so much experience with starting businesses, developing good relationships, and taking care of family as a single parent. It's a true service to take all of that knowledge and share it in a way that helps people like me avoid staying stuck so I can live the life I want. Thanks Michelle.

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