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7pm:January 15,2022


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Thanks for watching my short videos and informational content on all of my social media channels.

Due to the sensitive nature of the content we review, I am hosting our Live Presentations in private. 

In private, we go deep down into the Rabbit Hole to learn about the circumstances affecting our world, and our lives directly.

Together we believe we can be empowered when we gain a better understanding of this Matrix.

We're connecting the dots here....

**Neo did and so can we.

Researching and putting together this style of presentation / lecture is an activity I enjoy doing & definitely feel compelled to do.

To stay in a position to keep creating informative content / Live Streams for us to discuss, dissect and learn from, I've added a low fee for subscribers. 

Feel Free to Donate any amount you want & feel is appropriate to sew into me and the projects I produce. 

The minimum fee to receive your link to join us on our private livestream is $40.

Please read the directions below.

Thanks for joining us and helping me cut loose the middle man so we can review information without being censored, penalized, and marginalized for doing so.   


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Tap the link to open up the Live Stream, or to stand by if you're early.

There are 3 ways I stream Privately.....

YouTube, Zoom, & VIMEO.

The next Private Live Stream will likely be through YouTube's server.

**Should there be any additional Directions to follow, they will be included in the email you receive. 

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Warning: Please purchase your Link early. I send links to join manually & only do it once. Unfortunately, I am unable to send links over & over again - or while hosting. You help me work better & more efficient when you purchase your link early! Thank you in advance! Ms. Michelle

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Thank you!