" If You're Not Happy Where You Are Financially, I Want To Show You How You Can Change That. "

The Street PH.D Book Series Tells Readers Exactly What To Do To Transform & Balance the 4 Most Important faculties for Living the Best Life.


The Street PH.D "NO MORE BrokeAssNess" A Hustler's Guide To Paid In Full"

The Street PH.D book series is packed with the grit of life experience that transfers over and expands the intuition of its reader. It offers valuable wisdom to help enhance insight while outlining action steps that arm you with the tools for creating personal success.

Book 1 of 4, No More BrokeAssNess demonstrates the process for attracting the MONEY you want with great clarity!

Inside you will learn how to:

  • Control and reshape your financial destiny.
  • Make the money you want a reality.
  • Transform your bank account into paid in full.
  • Stop worrying about not having enough.
  • Create enough cash to express yourself the way you want to.
  • Let go of self-defeating beliefs.
  • Purchase the things you want to enjoy.
  • Define and step into your purpose, and help others.
  • Envision your self-created bright future.
  • Maintain your inner money magnet.
  • Shift your mindset into a rich and prosperous thinker. 

Get ready to make as much money as you want.

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Transform the mindset that’s not working for you and create the life you really want.

NO MORE BrokeAssNess 
reveals  the hidden blueprint to transform you mindset & wallet.

Popular Chapters According to readers:

Chapter 1 - BrokeAssNess Uncovered

Chapter 2 - You Have No Idea What You Want

Chapter 6 - Activate the Creator in You

Chapter 8 - The Formula 101

For each book I create, I'm driven by a different goal. Continue reading below to learn the short but powerful reasons behind Book 1 of The Street PH.D. 

When I sat down to organize my thoughts for No More BrokeAssNess, I wanted to created an easy to read blueprint that would help transform the reader's mind.

I know that there's no lack of money on our planet. However, I knew I needed to share this information in a clear and convincing way since many people are not used to viewing money as an unlimited resource.

I felt if I could create a shift in the perspective of my reader, teaching the money part would be easy. 

I wish I knew all the things I know now about the power of our mindsets, feelings, beliefs, and the words we use. Like many others, I grew up in an environment where people underestimated the power of their words and thoughts. Today, I know better, and I direct the trinity of mind, speech, and action in proper alignment with my intentions.

No matter what the naysayers predict, or the fear projected by others impose, I accept that I can have as much money as I want. Inside, I tell you how you can do it, too.

Love & Light,


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