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Learn Life Magic. Apply these 14 Laws of the Universe

It's possible you've heard of more universal laws than 14, or maybe you've ever known about 12. But if you're familiar with any of them and make efforts to follow the principals they command, you're doing better than a lot of us.

But if you're like many of us, or me years ago - you want to make big changes but feel like you keep hitting a wall. Getting familiar with the not so obvious laws of the universe can bring a deeper understanding of the invisible power available to all human life. 

It's magic if there ever was any, except it's the original magic that inspired all others. 

The universe teaches us the magic it uses to create the experiences we want by following its instructions and laws.

Knowing the consequences of ignoring or being unaware of certain universal laws might help you make changes to the way you do things, hence, begin improving areas of your life in a magical way

If you knew our universe exists with intrinsic magical properties that when adhered to - can change the course of your life experience here on earth, you'd want to put them to use!

Like most "laws," man-made or divine-made, the principals of universal laws are nonnegotiable. They're in effect all of the time whether we're aware of them or not. They've been put in place to aid in the creation and preservation of life for the people or elements they govern.

Just because we don't see them doesn't mean we can't learn to work with them as intended......

Let's define an invisible power given to us by the universe.

An example of an invisible power given to us by the universe, (or we can replace the word universe with - God's mysterious architectural design if you'd likeis gravity

I like to use gravity as an example because it's the one element of our existence that we take for granted. Besides, we're always aware of our need for oxygen.

Though this life sustaining element oxygen is invisible, it's something we reach for all throughout our days.

We engage with the air we breathe.

Whether we're inhaling deeply to relieve stress, taking a jog around the park, or yawning to help our body stay awake a little while longer - we're conscious of the air we breathe.

For us breathing is law and we rarely do things intentionally that would cut our air supply off. 

Gravity on the other hand is observed less often.

Unless we work in careers where we're faced with circumstances that require us to watch our step, else fall into a 10-story pit (like some construction workers), we go about our days in relatively safe spaces. 

The law of gravity barely comes to mind. However, gravity is an important law that says we cannot jump off of a building because we will not fly like the birds, we will fall in a swift downward motion. 

So of course, most of us obey the law of gravity without putting too much thought into it. In addition to that, our physical and natural environments are designed with the law of gravity considered. 

There are walls, stairwells, elevators, windows and much more to keep us safely navigating our environment without falling into oblivion. 

The 14 Universal Laws I'm going to discuss below are just like the laws of gravity and breathing. You don't need to know their ingredients only the principals to experience the magic they bring.

You only have to apply the potion to the problem.

Initially, you may not be able to see these laws at work or acknowledge their presence in your life, but with time and practice you'll develop your sixth sense.

As your spiritual senses reach higher levels you'll be able to identify circumstances where application of universal laws produces amazing effects. 

Each law supplies you with an effect and you are the cause.

You need to breathe? The air is available, unless a principal is broken by blocking the air from reaching you. Then we have a problem.

You need to stand upright and not float all over the boardroom during your meeting? Gravity has your back, as long as you don't pop open a trapeze and take a jump.

This defies gravity, but obviously not in the worst kind of way. I'm an adult woman who still loves jumping the trapeze! Ha. 

So you see here, we've discussed two easy universal laws for life. Now let's get into the ones that are not always on your mind but that matter just as much, maybe more

We ignore the most important universal laws necessary for living our best lives, but today we're going to get familiar with them or refreshed.

Let's go learn the magic of this physical dimension!

1. Law of Oneness

This law can be challenging to follow because it wants us to take all living things into account before we act.

It reminds us that we're all connected to one divine source of energy that gives life. 

No person, flower, animal, or earth element is separate from this source - so the goal here is to do your best to remember this law when dealing with all living things.

I can think of a few circumstances where this might apply, can you?

2. Law of Vibration

This law tells us that everything in our universe, seen or unseen, is energy - including you and I. On the most basic level we exist as pure energy or light, and resonate as a vibratory frequency or pattern

This is the energy & vibration Kendrick Lamar was referring to when he said, "bitch don't kill my vibe."

It's also the pattern many of us are working to transform so we can raise our frequencies.

Here's a cool conclusion to take home. "Energy never dies, so you can be certain that when you leave your current physical body - you won't really be gone."

We're eternal. I wonder where we'll end up next? Perhaps, I'll be reading your blog posts in the next life!

3. Law of Action

This law tells us that for the most part ( as long as we're able) we must take action toward the things we want.

It doesn't say we have to know everything, only "do" something.

From my own experience, this law activates the creative process that begins to fill life with the circumstances we need to complete each dream and goal.

It creates breadcrumbs for us to follow along a path that leads toward success.

We're told to go do something and it will meet us there with more instructions!

4. Law of Correspondence

This law is very helpful because it states clearly - what you see on the outside is a mirror of your internal state (as above - so below).

If your life is filled with drama, chaos, and disappointment, it's because your dominant thoughts, beliefs & feelings are, too.

From this law we can gather that in order to experience more positive effects on our lives, we must work to transform how we think and feel internally, or spiritually. 

The work must be done on the inside to effect the outside, it's not the other way around like so many people try to do.

This is an important universal law, and the most magical.

5. Law of Cause-and-Effect

This law can have devastating effects on the life of a person who is unaware of its principals.

It's saying that it can only return to you things that are like what you give  - good or bad. Every cause or action has a predictable effect & vice-versa.

The good news is you can apply this law and make it work for you by only doing things you wouldn't mind having done to you. 

6. Law of Compensation

This is one of my favorite laws.

It's letting us know that we'll be compensated ten-fold or way more than we can imagine (for our deeds).

This is why faith and commitment to your dreams are important. If you're going to be compensated so abundantly for your efforts, why not put them on something positive & on things you love!

Limit your thoughts and actions concerning things you want less of. Let them go.

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7. Law of Attraction

Attraction is one of the most recognized laws, albeit a poor understanding of how it actually works.

I find it to be one of the most inspirational laws because it must return to us what we are; but it is not obligated to give us what we want - like so many people think. 

LOA is not a law that responds to "wants" or "speaking things into existence" as principal means for creating a desired effect, or manifestation.

We're required to think it consistently, believe it, be it now, and take actions toward it.

The law of attraction states: "I attract to you what you are on the deepest level."

It's active in your life right now and subject to change what it attracts at your direction.

Learning all of these laws will strengthen your understanding and ability to use law of attraction with deliberate intention in your life. 

8. Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

Now that you understand we're all energy, emitting patterns and sending signals out into the field (world) on a certain frequency, let's say you didn't like the results coming back into your life from this universal process. 

Who said you can't change? You can because this law states that all energy can be transmuted or converted.

Like alchemy, you can go from one state to an entirely different one. This is  how people go from depressed and held back in life - to joyful and prosperous. 

They put the spiritual work in to transmute their energy into something new and different.

9. Law of Gestation

Most of us want things to go as planned or at an exact time of preference. For the most part, we can control a lot of what we do - but the big stuff can be a bit more complex. 

The virtue of patience is needed to abide by the law of gestation.

Don't try to rush things because this law tells us that it will happen in divine timing.

Everything must go through its own creation process to come to fruition. You just have to train yourself to trust the divine schedule of delivery. 

10. Law of Relativity

Everything is happening around you us for a reason and nothing is by chance.

This law tells us to measure our circumstances against those who face similar or worst situations so we're able to see how good we're doing in the larger scope of things. 

And in the meantime, our challenges and obstacles bring us closer to realizing the truth about our capabilities and potential.

It's all relative as you come to know your divine self, or true nature.

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11. Law of Polarity

Everything in our universe has an exact opposite - and one cannot exist without the other.

We can't have hot without cold, love without hate, or abundance without lack. Even a battery is packaged with opposites to give off a charge. 

So in your life when you've hit rock bottom in any area, you can rest assured there is something to learn or benefit from in that situation.

More so, it is unlikely for you to stay there because the opposite side of the spectrum must manifest itself again. 

12. Law of Rhythm

This law states that all energy is like a pendulum. Whenever something swings to the right, it must swing back to the left. We're existing in these sort of seasons - where things are either growing or dying in a rhythmic dance with nature.

Just think of the beautiful rabbit or deer suddenly devoured by a snake. 

We're a part of this rhythmic universal magic dance that sometimes offers signs and clues. When we resist this required movement we run into more energetic problems than necessary.

Like relationships, some come in for a season and then it's time to part in the next. 

We might ignore the signs of the end and hold on longer than we should. This kind of resistance is in defiance of the rhythmic laws of our universe.

Nothing lasts forever in one continuous cycle.

13. Law of Belief

This law governs the product of each person's reality. It tells us that life is a movie playing back the circumstances of our beliefs, emotions, and actions. 

It reminds us that we won't get what we want out of life until we believe it's possible deep down in our subconscious minds. It has to give us what we believe most about life because it has no other choice.

Be encouraged by knowing you can recreate your reality by changing your beliefs.

This law is proof that the universe must deliver your beliefs about yourself and your environment so cultivate good beliefs & remove dysfunctional one!

14. Law of Gender

Everything has a yin and yang.

The law of gender tells us to balance our feminine and masculine energies to operate at optimal levels. 

On the physical plane we have male and female. The sexes must be balanced and are required to unite to procreate.

On the mental plane each person is androgynous with male and female qualities. The psyche must be balanced. Know thyself.

On the spiritual plane each person is required to find balance between ego and soul.

Balancing the law of gender generates thoughtful actions that breed success.

Begin using the magic provided by the laws of the universe so you can shape your life into what you want it to be. Be sure to subscribe below to stay updated on all the tricks and secrets to transform your life.

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