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4 Lessons & a 55pg pdf booklet in DeCODED: VOODOO VIZION BOARD Kit! To Get Your Manifestation Results ASAP

Our 4-Part VOODOO VIZION BOARD™ KIT - will guide you through a divine creative process that really works. 

Manifesting your goals & experiences should be easy. But a lot of times it's not.

The most important aspect of creating the life you want is understanding how to position yourself as a magnet for positive attraction - this is where most creatives fall short.

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It's in our nature to give our dreams a shot, at least once. The basics are to organize, plan & prepare.

But that's not enough.

So most of the time, we fail or give up. Your imagination is filled with ideas, dreams, & goals because there's no shortage of those things.

It's the "making it happen" that's hard.

Unaccomplished goals can become a burden on our hearts because we're usually left wondering "what if I kept trying... or why didn't that happen...?"

Well, the art of Manifestation is grounded in spiritual & metaphysical activation - & a deeper understanding of self.

AND, everything we do matters in the creation process.

Voodoo Vizion Board - a la carte

"Here’s What You'll Learn in DECODED: Voodoo Vizion Board Kit"

" I'll help you understand where your power to create is located, according to biological & natural law. 

Using the principal laws of nature & their correspondence to Voodoo principals; I'll guide you into a deeper understanding of the divine processes that are always working with your bio chemistry, vibratory field & metaphysical self.

Because that's how you gain the upper hand over matter to create anything you want.

"Here’s Why This Vizion Board Kit is a win-win for an Empath..."

A lot of people create vision boards that don't work - They don't know the laws of the creative process so they don't follow them.

Most people settle because they're not sure what's blocking them from creating the life they want. 

They give up because it seems difficult to make their dreams come true. No one around them appears to be successful at it either so that doesn't help at all.

You might know deep inside that you can get more out of life. But doubt creeps in, grinding your inspirations down to a halt. 

This is especially true with everything that's been going on in our world. The 2020 chaos distracts us from our personal power to create & manifest our visions.

The average person stays stuck doing whatever they've been doing...   or moving at a really slow pace & nothing ever gets done ...

Inside, I explain the attraction mechanisms at work inside of you and teach you to use them effectively.

I show you exactly how to create, actively using Voodoo principals throughout your creative process.

"Here are 3 Reasons Why I Know I Can Help You With This Vizion Board Kit..."

For one: I understand.

There was a time in my life when my entanglements in dysfunctional relationships drained my creative energy & blocked my desire to progress. 

You've probably been there.

Every toxic relationship left a heavy residue behind. That residue was the main culprit driving the fear & exhaustion I felt. For a while I didn't know how to get out of my own way to change things.

Spiritual ties to people & situations that are incompatible with our life goals is the #1 reason most of us never make it to where we plan to be.

The #2nd reason is most do not have a clear understanding into how manifestation really works.

It's not just about affirmations, emotions, positive thoughts, and action. There's much more .... and knowing what these components are will be a game changer for a dreamer, an alchemist, an empath who is ready to apply the science all the time.

Toxic relationships distort our thoughts (they literally change the pathways in our brains). They hold us hostage on a lower frequency, similar to our unresolved childhood traumas. 

From that low vibratory state we create everything we don't want - over & over again...

This can quickly become a life long pattern. Everything around your energetic field needs to be understood & managed with crystal clear intentions before the creative path will open up.

It doesn't matter if the bond is to a toxic lover, a difficult family member, a narcissistic friend, or if we stay at a job we hate just for money to pay the bills. 

All of these stress filled, sticky negative bonds will block creative flow because they're not in alignment with who you are.... 

I'll teach you how to align yourself so you can accomplish your goals.

Two: Most people ignore the ongoing process by which manifestation is occurring - at every moment. 

And even if they do know, they forget or dismiss the laws that govern creative output when they pose inconveniences along the way.

These invisible attractors draw people & experiences to us at every moment, no matter what mood or mindset we're entertaining. 

Three: We underestimate or we're unaware of the powerful information our ancestors left behind that teach us how to build lives with spiritual intention and value, not only for us, but for anyone destined to cross our paths

I learned this divine information in some of the most challenging & profound ways. And it changed my life - creatively, socially, financially, mentally, and physically.

Now I'm going to share all of this sacred science with you so you never feel disempowered to create things as you desire and imagine them again.

Today on the Internet we're buying thousand$$ of dollars worth of courses to learn to do this or that online. 

Over 95% of those inspired customers will not do well and they'll give up on their goals, eventually. 

That's because they don't fully understand the process of manifestation and all that needs to be done to execute & maintain their ideas to completion.

I charged myself to be part of the solution because I know it takes more than a dream, talent, money, or skillset to create exactly what you want for your life. 

It takes Voodoo. It takes more than believing. It takes knowing.

There's plenty you can do to make sure you get what you want & deserve from your manifestation process. 

And there's a reason this divine science is not taught in the classroom. 

We'd all be wealthy, happy, independent, fearless, and unbothered. Imagine that.

"Here’s Why This Kit Works......"

In DECODED: Voodoo Vizion Board Kit™ we'll engage in experimental practice with you as the subject of the important lessons inside. 

There's an added Bonus from Chapter 10 of our premiere course "You Can't Hurt Me No More!! Self-Love Kit for Empaths Who Love Too Hard..."

We'll use this lesson to draw out the information you discover about yourself. The material will help you determine what you want to happen in your life.

It also helps you choose a niche, decide on a purpose, or narrow down on specific goals you've kept secret in your mind for so long.

Law of Attraction, historic Voodou principals, and ancient wisdom passed on from our ancestors shape the practices we put in place for manifestation. 

Most people have been teaching this information wrong or all chopped up. Now, in one place, with our 4-Part Kit (really 6), you'll learn everything... 

.....So before you put yourself into a new situation or spend thousands of dollars to learn to launch a business online or any other major investment in your goals - you can arm yourself with the ability to manifest your desired outcome no matter what happens along the way. 

Using your inner eye (spiritual 3rd eye vision), you'll develop a tentative time-line & build out a complete vision board that includes mental predictions for all areas of your life.

Here’s What You’ll Get Inside....

DECODED: Voodoo Vizion Board Kit is an online course hosted on our member's website, Dreamer2Doer. Upon purchase, your login credentials will automatically be sent to your email account.

You'll use your credentials to access the course modules for developing your vision board.

Once inside, you'll have access to 6 extensive video modules & a 55 page pdf booklet (downloadable) with rich and easy to follow instructions for building your Voodoo Vizion Board, and implementing the spiritual components required for dream making.

This course is yours forever!

You'll learn the art of manifestation & become a more powerful creator for sure.

I'm giving you my full 7-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Speaking of the number 7 and it's well known connection to all that is divine, you'll begin to notice it appearing in the area of creativity. 

It's a number we can use as a guide and a witness to the lessons we learn, in the image of God, to create the objects of our desires - free from judgment and outside interference. 

That's your birthright. 

Creating what you want is part of the deal that came with your breath of life.

It's also part of the deal I'm offering on this kit to keep the price at a divine number 77.

The Main Modules in Your VVB-Kit....

Part 1: The Voodoo

Understanding Voodoo, it's significance, and how you can use the ancient principals of our ancestors to create.

Part 3: Voodoo Vizion Board

Build a physical board with visual elements & psychological concepts to forge a committed spiritual union with your plans & goals. 

Part 2: Plan & Prepare

Initiate the process of extracting the things you really want to happen from mind & heart to paper / journal.

Part 4: Manifestation & Attraction

Set visions in motion w/spiritual practices, powerful affirmations, & personal customs to manifest in divine timing. 

**Bonus:A Quantum Leap demonstration! & Extra Resources for Voodoo elements such as crystals, incense, oils, & spell-making. 

Display 2 Digital Course

**Extra! Part 10 of the "You Can't Hurt Me No More!! Self-Love Kit for Empaths Who Love Too Hard ..." "Blue Print" - Define Your Purpose & Life Plan!

(video instruction, 2 additional Worksheets & pdf booklet for download)

The most important aspect of shaping your future goals & dreams is being in control of molding each intention before it happens.

There is an inherent creative, spiritual and psyche super power that most of us have yet to realign ourselves with.

This is a highly definitive 4-part course that helps to reestablish & connect metaphysical laws & principals into the life and behavior of committed creatives and empaths.

Our intro video module will help you understand your physical body and its connection to everything else - so you can make manifestation magic happen in your life more easily.

All of my courses are especially sensitive & tailored for empaths struggling to find a way out of toxic environments & into their own flow.

About The Creator, Michelle

A Dream LYFE is a virtual Lifestyle Suite developed and maintained by producer, Michelle Carvalho.

Michelle is an author, producer & light-worker who creates video content, courses & books for empaths to help them heal & develop their visions.

She teaches creators how to use social media, applications, & software to leverage their creative dreams independently online.

She hosts retreats, workshops, private groups & 1-to-1 Platinum consults to support partners through transformation in life & business.

Michelle knows from experience how challenging it can be to manifest our deepest dreams, goals & intentions while planted in a poor cypher.

After years of hard work, trial & error - successes & failures - she's now fully equipped to share the wisdom, tech skills, & spiritual secrets that can help you break through as well. 

Here’s what people say about working with Michelle


My business & I are better off after working with Michelle.

She’s easy to connect with during Q&A and we get a lot done. I learned a lot about the psychology of relationships, which helped improve my stress levels & management of our customer relationships.

CHARLES DAVIS - Restaurant/Bar owner


Michelle is trustworthy, dependable, and a great problem solver. Her positive attitude and wonderful sense of humor make her fun to work with as well. She never disappoints!


Work with Michelle & expect big changes in your life…

Michelle knows how to help others find confidence to act on their ideas. She has a unique ability to understand the spirit. She helps her clients secure success in life and business.

Carl Joseph - Mogul Media/Marketer

I joined Michelle on her 30-Day mindset shift challenge that changed the game for me…

I’ve carried the skills, practices & jewels Michelle shared in her 30-day 4am challenge into my daily routine. As a result, I’m focused; I’m able to prioritize & maintain the actions necessary to accomplish my goals.


Michelle overcame trials that would permanently derail most people…

She’s such an inspiration to know, work with, and derive wisdom from. It’s refreshing to watch her help so many people by sharing real tools for creating success in relationships & business.

Special Offer! get $20 OFF CODE Here!


2020 has been a rough year. Many of us were already struggling with making our dreams come true and figuring out ways to change our lives. Then BOOM!!

Out of nowhere we found ourselves in a pandemic that transformed life and work as we know it.  The information was discouraging and didn't get any better for a long time.

Maybe you stopped focusing on your main purpose and plans. Some of us abandoned our goals all together. The future seems unstable, so it's understandable. 

At first, pulling back to focus on the things that bring us fear & worry might seems like the right thing to do. It's not.

You have access to a world within worlds that is yours to shape and customize, regardless to everything happening around you.

Now more than ever it's time to organize your visions for your life. Our world is changing & so is the way we create and engage with one another online.

I launched DeCODED: Voodoo Vision Board Kit because I know that organizing & planning with the right information restores hope and triggers motivation for the next phase.

This is your life & it doesn't stop. I'm here to help you keep it going in a direction that suits you!

Our dreams & goals are a major part of our process. They don't stop because we're going through a setback. In this course I teach you to develop the best vision board ever.  You'll be prepared  for the comeback.

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decoded: voodoo vizion board KIT

Become a powerful manifest-er  4 modules & 55 page pdf + Intro & Bonus Materials



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Purchasing DeCODED: Voodoo Vizion Board Kit™ will give you the tools, Knowledge & Divine Practice / Principal Information you need to accomplish your goals & Desires.  

If you don't feel you've found the resources you need to Build & Execute the Goals on Your Vision Board in the Course Material, I failed to deliver. And if I didn't deliver, I don't want to keep your hard earned money.

I'll put my word on this Course / Kit and give you 7 days to Let Me Know If You Are Unsatisfied for Any Reason. You have my personal guarantee or your money back! 

What is The Online Creator's Kit?

**2 Weeks After Your Purchase:You'll receive an invite with a link to join us on a live call. At that time you can ask questions about your vizion board or The Online Creator's kit video.

(No one does this, but I am, for a limited time. I like to connect with the people I'm working with on any level)

**In this complimentary video I show you by demonstration how to launch online using applications, software, & social media. 

I give you a full run down of what you need & what top online marketers, influencers, and sellers are using & why - at, no additional cost.

Start working on your vision today. 

Look at what past students have to say about this Kit



I think we forget the main principals for creation.

There's a system for manifestation but if we don't acknowledge it our dreams take long to manifest or not at all. Michelle taught me how to keep my goals at the center of my daily life. I use more voodoo concepts to enhance my mood = frequency. TY!


Product Development

I was born to manifest

Thank you Michelle for helping me understand the blueprint for creating my 'own blueprint.' Things don't just happen. We're heavily involved in the process. I'm able to attract & see things before they happen thanks to this insightful kit. xoxo



This is a powerful kit.

Thanks for teaching me the truth about Voodoo. Like you said I was already using it in my life without realizing it. Everything is relevant. I've become more aware of my connection to the invisible & visible sources always available to me.