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Don’t Settle. You CAN have the Life You Want

Many of us have a basic understanding of how law of attraction works. Our spiritual and metaphysical knowledge is much better than it was even a decade ago. We're reconnecting to the wisdom of our ancestors, yet, many of us are still not getting what we want out of life. 

It's been said that, "a successful person will take full responsibility for his life by admitting his role in the outcome, but the one who fails blames his experience on everyone else."

I thought about that statement for a while when I heard it. 

And after reminiscing about conversations I've had with people who made good lives for themselves, I must admit: I found this statement to hold some strong truth.

Aside from giving credit to a higher power, most of the people I see doing well in life usually take full responsibility for all of their experiences - not just some. 

On the other hand, there's the person who sees himself as a failure.

And it’s just as common for him to point the reasons for his failures on things outside of himself.

In psychology, we call this way of thinking "external locus of control." It's a subconscious belief that forces outside of the person is the cause for for the conditions of their life.

Note, that in the case of the successful person - they usually have the opposite subconscious belief, which is termed - "internal locus of control."

Conclusions like these are born and fed in a fixed mindset.

So people tend to stay stuck feeling this way. But this mindset can transform to a growth type.

First of all, you can't attract things to yourself that you don't believe you deserve.


And you definitely can't have something you don't believe is unavailable to you.

If you assume something or someone is in your way or working against your best interest, those thoughts becomes reality for you. 


Because these kind of low frequency thoughts pull you back spiritually. They can discourage a person from trying to succeed, curb their enthusiasm, and help create self-fulfilling prophecies.

You'll start to feel the way you think, and of course act the way you feel.  And if you're acting like something's blocking you, it will be.

The truth is, we all endure obstacles and setbacks on the path toward the things we want.

And the grander the dream being sought after, the larger the obstacles will be before realizing that dream.

If you want easy, everyone else will probably be on the same line - and they'll get it at the same rate, price, and energy levels as you.

Besides, nothing is unique or valuable about an easy transaction. 

Most of us grow bored and psychologically tired of jobs, or other areas of our lives where we feel the need to achieve more. 

But too many of us let obstacles deter us from our dreams and goals. They seem to get the last word...

It's unfortunate though, especially since these obstacles are almost always temporary. I can't think of any problem that outlasted me, can you? 

The Law of Attraction is at work all the time.

I'm sure there's plenty you want to do, but maybe you've been afraid to entertain those wild thoughts because you feel they're not possible, or they're too difficult, or maybe they'll take too long.

But here's the truth. You're probably thinking of the end result without fully considering the process. It's the process that needs your focus.

Besides, that is the area of achieving goals that keeps us busy and entertained. It's the most important part of any goal because it's where we gain experience, pick up knowledge, and grow as individuals.

It's the stuff that happens in between the idea and the goal that makes the cake. 

When you finally reach the goal, you're on to the next thing.

So, don't give so much thought to the outcome or how you're going to get there. Save your energy for the next step in the process, the one that will get you through the current moment. 

Your will and spirit are the most important forces that aid you through each play in the game of life. It's not your talent, looks, skills, or goal type that bring you to the finish line.

And what you focus on, work toward, and believe in - will eventually find its way to you. 

Even when it appears nothing is happening, it is.

All of your steps and previous attempts at your goals count. I tell people this all the time. Let's say you quit. You call that a failure, I call it the last step you made but still a step closer.

You pick up from where you left off. There's new information under your belt ready to be used as you go forward.

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Just do not focus on the failure.

The way this works, when we focus on what we can't do or what we don't want, the law of attraction is still working, but in accordance with our negative desires. 

You're still attracting something in the mindset because the law is always in effect. It's not concerned with how you feel. It can't be because it's law so it just does what it's designed to do.

If you allow yourself to feel like a failure, then the law of attraction will effectively attract more of the same to you.

The universe doesn't have a choice and must return to you experiences that justify your beliefs.

This is how we attract situations we don't want, but if you become a good observer you'll begin to notice when circumstances line up with your deepest beliefs about yourself and the world.

If you cater to thoughts of being too old, or too overweight, or too inadequate, your thoughts become beliefs that attract the circumstances and people into your life to confirm those beliefs over and over again.


You can train yourself to direct your energy into believing that all things are working out for your good, even when it doesn't immediately appear to be that way. Eventually it will be true.

Take a moment to reflect back on some of your past experiences. Locate ones that were good and take note of how felt at the time, do the same for poor experiences.

Remember the things you really wanted but others told you were impossible, but you ignored them and kept at it?

Reminisce on how those desires became reality for you.

Life will most certainly give you what you believe to be true, and that's why it's important to make sure your beliefs line up with the things you really want out of life.

You are a creator, made in the image of your creator.

You can't trick the universe because mother nature is just like mother; she knows everything about you. Your feelings, beliefs, and actions must be in sync for your dreams, goals, and desires to manifest. 

There's alway something out there hinting at your potential - subliminally, reminding of you of your power to create the life you want. You can have it and you're being encouraged to use Law of Attraction in ways that help you, not hurt you.

Okay, not like her. But you get my point.

There are people who still believe they can't do certain things because of racism or other discriminatory social issues. This mindset is deeply entrenched and perpetuated in our society, therefore, it should be no mystery why so many people feel disempowered and mentally imprisoned. 

This is their reality, despite evidence that millions of people achieve what they want out of life despite racism or any other social disorder.

It's really about focus. Your attention is the gold or platinum of your life

You can't just leave your mind out there in a poor environment that could negatively effect its condition.

It's just as important to acknowledge the millions of people who are not racist and who don't fit into the categories of the minds' troubles. We cannot forget about them and expect to operate from a healthy mindset.

Find the balance in everything, for your own sake.

These kind of people exist in vast numbers and deserve more of the attention from those who claim to seek this kind of truth. 

What you focus on is so important. Every situation presenting itself as an obstacle offers an opportunity to achieve a new perspective, to learn a lesson, or a unique path that leads to a goals.

You're required to tough it out it to discover what those lessons are for you.

I get really deep into this in the "You Can't Hurt Me No More, Self-Love Kit for Empaths Who Love Too Hard - Digital Course." 

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Expect the unexpected!

Being prepared to face obstacles and not taking them personally is the key to attracting the life you see in your daydreams.

A major part of the attraction process is having the ability to work through the areas you don't like. Being uncomfortable means you're learning something and if you're learning something success is close by.

Consider this part of the process a form of paying dues; there are no ways around it. Abandon any trace of entitlement and be willing to swim with the sharks in the ugly moments if need be. 

Rely on your faith and don't forget about the people who you know have done what you're trying to do. Let them be the reason to keep believing in yourself. Knowing the success stories of others will act as big inspiration when you're on your own path.

Read their stories.

The universe does not want you to be stuck in one place. It's always alive and helping you even when you're out of sync with it. Reconnect to this powerful source.

Nothing has changed in the relationship between you and your world, especially the universal aspect of it. When you were a baby that relationship was stronger on your end. You took your first steps and fell over and over again. You had no worries or self-doubt.

And you never quit trying to walk because insecurities and social issues did not influence your mindset back then.

You didn't operate from the mind, only the spirit and soul.

The universe supplied you with gravity so you could stand upright. It supplied the air you needed to breathe. However, it required you to take many steps on your own as well, yet all along supporting you.

Work toward the things on your heart despite the temporary restraints of the mind.

What I'm sharing here is not for special people or limited by working for a select few. The laws of the universe are in effect for all living things, it's just that not everyone is acknowledging them or using them as they should.

For some people it's about money goals. Many feel there's not enough to go around, or they can't find a way to live comfortably. But of course there's enough, and there are no shortages of creative opportunity in life - only in our minds and spirits.

Read more about this topic in No More BrokeAssNess. I go off with details about how to make things happen in this easy to read, just for the creative type, goal-getter book.

March 17, 2017 I posted my thoughts on Facebook.

The messages go well with this article.

  • " What you say, think, and feel have to be in alignment before what you "want" can become reality in your life.
  • You can't "say" you want a better relationship, but "feel" connected to an old dysfunctional one, and "think" there's no one else out there for you.
  • You can't "feel" the need for more finances, but "say" there's just not enough right now, and "think" creating a solution will be difficult.
  • You can't "think" the problem is going to overtake you, but "say" you believe it won't, yet "feel" insecure when you're in the middle of it. "

Can you spot the contradictions that send mixed messages out into the prayer field and undermine the authority we've been granted over out lives?

Increase the power that God gives through your faith and action no matter what. Overcome distractions by turning your heart to the inner spirit and locking it in.

Use your mind to nurture your desires. Allow yourself to visualize your goals as manifest in the future. Strengthening your emotional bond to your goals will ensure that nothing or no one can deter you from creating the life you want, not even you.

Put your trust in the universe by acknowledging how she works for us all the time. Most of the complicated tasks have been done; like the infinite supply of air, water, and other resources.

There is plenty of room for you to act as the main influencer and decider of your experiences. The things you long for are already positioned here for you; you only need to trust the process and allow life to run its course.

The Law of Attraction is already working in your life. Evaluate your life thus far and you'll find you're doing quite well. We all want to reach new levels and fine tune our energy to enhance and enjoy life. You're not alone. 

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