The Easy Way to Find Your Niche’ Market – Tap in

I know what’s it’s like to not know what I should be doing or what to do first. There are so many interesting things out there but none of us want to do things we’re not good at or invest too much of our precious time doing things we don’t like. I finally found my niche, and while I can admit to being good at many things I had to put my focus into ONE thing to reach any kind of realistic success, all the others wait their turn on my mental and written backburner, because eventually I’ll get to them in order of significance when that time comes.

That’s the first and most important boundary you’ll need to implement after deciding which of your greatest skills you’re going to commit to: Accepting that you can’t do everything and surely not at once.

A Jack-of-All-Trades is a Master at None.

Part of the reason so many of us never get to fulfill our potential at the highest level is because we spread ourselves so thin and over so many mundane tasks. We will never get everything done or be everything we imagine in our minds and we’re not supposed to, we’re compelled to organize, dispose of, and prioritize the things we really want to keep. When we go against that internal system we run into major life-traffic problems. We can only operate at a certain capacity as human beings, no matter who we are, before we’re just spinning our own wheels, never really getting anything done, and never getting a chance to walk in purpose or accomplish an important goal. When it comes to online business, creating your own virtual flow, or deciding how you want to present yourself in the abyss of Internet energetic field, it can be super challenging, especially if you expose yourself to all of the stimuli while trying to make this important decision. Cut everything off, take a chill pill and get ready to call up some friends and family for a brief but very useful chat.

I love this part, because while you don’t have to take their advice or tell them why you’re asking this question I’m about to share with you, you can learn an awful lot about what the people closest to you think about your skills. You might be surprised, humbled, or fascinated by what they tell you and what I’m hoping is, you also agree with what they tell you. You’re about to find out where you stand in the eyes of the people closest to you and if for some reason you absolutely disagree, that’s okay, too. I just recommend that you consider their honest feedback. This really helps! Grab a sheet of paper.

  • Step 1: Call 5 to 6 close friends and family members and ask each of them what they think you are good at. Write those answers down.
  • Step 2: Write down a list of 10 things (yes, you can find 10) that you think you are good at and make sure at least 5 of them are things you really enjoy and can stand by internally – things that make you feel good.
  • Step 3: Do a comparative analysis between what your friends and family thought you were good at and your ideas about yourself.
  • Step 4: Bring both lists together by matching ones that are the same or similar. Recount.
  • Step 5: From what you have pick out all of the ones you could do easily. Choose your top 3.
  • Step 6: Using those 3, do some research and find out if there is a market for this skill or talent.
  • Step 7: Pick one. If any of the two remaining talents can reasonably be integrated with your final choice determine how you will use it. If it works add it, if it requires extra work put it on the back burner.
  • Step 8: Get ready to PARTY. You’ve chosen a Niche’ that has the potential to take you far into the realization of your Dreams of Success and Financial Transformation!

The hardest part to starting any business is deciding what to do, and that’s true for most people. It could be from a fear of failure or just the fact that not all of us wake up and know we want to be the next draft into the NFL. Most people struggle with placing themselves in a field that is just right for them and this is exactly how I decided to bet on myself with A Dream LYFE. You are your biggest and most important investment, more than your house and everyone you know. Without you, none of this is possible and it’s the main reason you should always be celebrating these little milestones. They are the ones that form together to make the big success possible.

I read an article some time ago by Shanique Davis in Forbes Magazine where she’d created a custom acronym for PARTY that inspired me, since then I’ve created one of my own for sharing small milestones. It goes like this…

P – Part with ineffective behaviors and Prepare for the Future.
A – Adapt to Different Environments
R – Reach out to Mentors who are already Successful at what You’re Doing
T – Turn Your Experiences into Lessons Leaned From.
Y – Yearn to be a Life-Long Learner Who Never Settles.


NOTE: In Vault – ” Here’s What To Do Immediately After You Choose Your Niche.'”