7 Ways to Invest in Yourself Right Now

(& You won’t need your Mastercard for All of them!)

When I say the word “Invest” sometimes I get that look of resistance because people assume it’s the beginning of a pitch to get into their wallets. I have loads of compassion in these situations though, because I know that until recently the word “Invest” wasn’t typically used as a metaphor to express the value we can add to ourselves, and the things we can do to strengthen our connection to our highest potential, and how important it is to see ourselves as the hottest commodity we should be focused on.

Yes, there was a time when I didn’t realize this myself and put my money in everything I thought could make life better when it should have been going to me. I’m so happy to be in a place now where I can share those important investments that need to be made in you. I like to think I went through so much fire and God pulled me out without a scratch (okay maybe a few stitches here and there) so that I would commit my life to helping him bring forth the light and talent from as many people as possible. YOU are your biggest Investment and Asset. 7 is the lucky number for reasons that extend beyond this article but let me clear about my use of the word Luck…. I don’t believe in such things as luck and coincidence in the literal sense of the words but with Preparation, Intention, Action, and Dedication you can line yourself up at every opportunity to receive the luck you co-create with the God of all things. Even better, you can be in the right place at the right time and Luck tends to line itself up with you. The only phenomena causing these kinds of experiences to feel like luck is the mysterious way in which God tends to bring our blessings about. Prepare for you phenomenal blessings by making these investments into yourself.


  1. Pass up that TV Time to Read some of your favorite authors writing on topics that can teach you more about the things you’re passionate about. Read variety and especially non-fiction books that focus on areas you know you need to develop in. There’s an old saying that successful people don’t watch too much TV because they’re too busy trying to be on the TV or creating the scripts that audiences love to watch. Television desensitizes and detaches us from ourselves and too much of it will drain you of creative energy. Unless you implement deliberate times to view television that doesn’t conflict with building your business or brand or you have to watch it for what you do professionally, it’s an unnecessary evil.


  1. Wake Up Early, the earlier the better because the worm is still alive. Without a doubt your most successful people invest in an early nightcap for the trade-off of an early rise. This is one of the best forms of self-investment because the rest of the world is standing still. 4am is the Godly hour when the veil between our reality and heaven is thinner than usual. Use this time to connect to source, reiterate and rework your prayers and intentions, and work on the plans and tasks you’re developing for the day. I’m not suggesting that you can never sleep in late because I hear that one of my favorite movie directors does so often, but I bet anything he started those lounge habits way after he sealed the deal for his show Empire on a major network. Pick your rise and shine battles now so you can orchestrate them however you choose to later. When you make a decision to be awake beforehand to greet the sun, you’re already committed to shaping the best version of the day possible.


  1. Practice Gratefulness as a way of life. How many times have we been told to be grateful for what we have because somewhere on this planet someone is doing far worst? I can’t count. But that’s not why I want to advise you on the power of investing in gratefulness. There’s something even bigger happening in the universe when we redirect our whiny energy to a grateful state of being… it hears us clearly – uninterrupted by misaligned emotions and inner-turmoil. The vessel of supernatural power widens with the pleasure of knowing that you continue to work so hard to maintain a grateful “heart and mind = spirit” despite obstacles that were tempting to pull you downward into the field of negative thoughts. The Laws of the Universe that God authenticates is a living, breathing, moving force that is always working on your behalf but it needs your help and free will to flow seamlessly. Your deep and brave investments in the habit of being gratefully aware of who you are, your infinite potential, your high favor, and all that God is doing for you is enough to blast blessings your way that you didn’t think were even possible.


  1. Educate Yourself and Apply the knowledge of the 4-Principals or Dream Drivers into your life. I developed a lot of my courses around these principals because when we are whole it helps to move us forward in the most effective way for lasting progress and personal growth.


  • Happiness or joy is the state of being that guides your internal systems, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, hormones, and actions in ways that contribute to an optimal state of overall health. Maintain your happiness by taking the time you need alone, sticking to a self-care routine, always acknowledging your passions and desires, and allowing yourself to run with them and create at will.
  • Productivity: Nurture your natural instincts to step into your purpose. You were inherently born able to produce solutions for sustaining your livelihood and you require the mental and spiritual freedom to always have access to that part of your personal potential.
  • Inner Psychology: You are a combination of cultural and genetic influence, but you possess the greatest willpower and spirit to shift, shape, and change your life into whatever you imagine and desire. Expand this area.
  • Physical Wellness: You were born pure, fit, and flexible in a body that is a miraculous self-healer and also by your attention and direction. Invest in maintaining your physical potential through exercise, weight-training, yoga, stretching, or any active sport you really enjoy breaking a sweat doing.


  1. Get a Mentor & An Accountability Partner because even the most successful and productive people in the world have advisors and surround themselves with other Masterminds. Having a Mentor is the one investment that separates people that are serious about progress from the masses doomed to fail without the support they need amongst the competition. You can work to be knowledgeable about your field but staying informed on the current trends and being aware of the not so obvious pitfalls and crucial processes that can only be pulled from someone who’s already on the inside are primary advantages of securing a mentor. Having someone to help you with being accountable for your dream plan is also important for consistently developing and maintaining your efforts through the process of building a successful life and business. So many people trying to do it alone miss out and fail to understand the significance of either hiring someone or subscribing to a platform that provides the information, structure, culture, swiftly changing processes, access and connections that greatly improve the chances for achieving incredible success. Mentors who are grounded in their fields want to impart wisdom, guidance, and advanced knowledge and information to you so you can get to where you’re trying to go with more certainty and without missing a beat. Getting under the wing of the right Mentor or Mentorship Platform removes the stress that causes burnouts and reduces the overbearing weight of having to know everything and releases all of that energy back to you so you can use it for creating your vision.


  1. Start Making Dough Asap with any small thing that you know how to do. One of the most urgent missions I have is empowering people like you to know that it doesn’t matter where you work or have


worked there is something you have that is worth paying for. Find out what it is and do a trial run. Side-income, weekend income, quarterly additional income, whatever it is begin the process of putting yourself out there to bring it in. Some creators are still stuck in jobs that are eating up a huge part of their time and creative energy. The Kolbe A-Index personality research indicates that people giving up chunks of their time in fields that don’t line up with their passions and spirit experience symptoms of low energy and fatigue. By the time they leave work they have zero energy or enthusiasm left for their own dreams and creative projects. This is why it is so important for you strike the balance and lean into your purpose and begin doing immediately things that you feel connected to. Doing this will not only restore your energy but it will pump up your confidence and open up the fire hose of possibilities for you, subsequently churning in the cash the universe wants to send your way. Money is another form of energy and when you get aligned it has no choice but to flow to you easily and without painful effort. Start paying attention to your inner-gut, being yourself, and allowing yourself to stand in purpose in an asserted way to begin collecting your dough.


  1. Apply the 1/3 Rule to your Social Circle because one type can’t have all of your time if your plan is to succeed. There is a strict formula that has been holding true for generations and that is, You Can Only Be in Life the Sum of the People You Spend the Most Time With. As shocking and vain as that statement seems the proof is all around us and we fail to acknowledge the importance of how we invest our time in others. If you spend 90% of your time around people who are struggling and complaining and can’t seem to catch a break, eventually that energy and state of mind is going to be transferred over to you. Even if you express enthusiasm and optimism about your goals the weight of their thought processes will eventually transfer over and wear you down into compliance. There is just no way around it. Rarely do you see very successful people sitting on a park bench with the neighborhood gossipers. It just doesn’t happen, but it doesn’t mean the love and appreciation is not there. Let there be no mistake about it, you can love all the people you want but you won’t be able to help them or be an example for them by constantly surrounding yourself by them. You have to make it a point to spend your strongest hours, no less than 1/3 of your time in the company of mentors and people who are advanced in the field you are trying to become grounded in; 1/3 of your time should be spent around your peers who are thriving and going after the things that they want; and 1/3 can be spent around the neighborhood gossiper but I don’t advise it for more than .04 🙂 The more you engage and plant yourself in the environment of successful people the higher your chances of reaching your own success remain. I always looked at it like this, it’s better to be able to go backward to help out and have a few laughs than to go back because you have no choice. Keep your choices and options open by protecting your mental drive and nurturing your creative energy.