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How to Find Peace when You Feel Stressed Out

How to Find Peace when You Feel Stressed Out

A quick “calm it down solution” when you’re about to blow    😳  

Yesterday I received an urgent message from a new subscriber. She asked very simply, “How do you find peace?” And while this question can unleash a ton of answers, I focused my response around quick ways to commission peace into your life, regardless of the situation disturbing it.

Finding peace takes time. The level of chaos in your life at any given moment could affect how much. The time it takes is different for everyone. Here’s a list of of actions I recommend to find peace fast. These are some of the the things I do to restore order and tranquility in my life, and I hope it brings you comfort before you blow your top.

Cater to your five senses.

Stop thinking about things that happened before this moment. Quit contemplating future circumstances that have yet to arrive. Disconnect and gravitate toward your spiritual center. Peace is inside waiting for you to tap into it.

Without concentrating, scan your environment until you find something pretty and amazing to occupy your attention. If you’re near a window, gaze at the sky, or a flower bed, or people walking. Stand still and really see and admire your the world around you.

Give up your thoughts for the time being. Don’t worry, they will be there later and you can always get back to them.

Listen to the sounds around you. Acknowledge them, name them, and recognize that they are there with you. Can you discern a rhythm? Enjoy it, open your mind to receive it.

Celebrate your sense of smell by inhaling the air around you. Listen to your breathing with patience, care, and gratitude. I burn hand rolled Nag Champa herbal incense from India for a strong chemical effect. Apply or administer your favorite essential oil scent to your upper lip beneath your nostrils. Burning Calily Therapeutic Grade Essentials helps me tremendously, and it is a practice I will not live without. 

Drink herbal tea; keep a variety of calming leaf nearby. Eat chocolate. Enjoy something light, like fruit, except this time pay attention to the tasting process. Use the tip of your tongue to push the flavors along the very back and side corners of your tongue where your taste buds are. Recognize how effectively this process has been working for you all along. Do you know your taste buds are along the sides of your tongue and not the top? 

Touch the skin of your forearm. You can use a favorite blanket or sweater, warm water, a cold ice filled glass, or even your baby. This is what life feels like when you practice deliberate awareness. This is your safe haven.

Stop criticizing yourself.

Loosen up demands on your progress. Flow naturally by doing your best then chilling out. You’re not a machine and that’s perfectly okay.

Trust yourself; you made it this far. Think about the times when you felt a special peace of mind. Remember what you did to achieve it and realize your potential to duplicate all of that again.

Remove yourself from situations that offer negative stimulation and distractions temporarily. If you’re not able to move physically, it’s okay, just gently remove yourself mentally. Go through these peaceful practices by using your greatest asset: your mind. Within it your imagination is stored and, coupled with your willful cooperation, your mind can bring you peace when you need it most. Best of all be kind, forgiving, and patient with yourself no matter what you are going through in life. Like everything else, this too shall pass.



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