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surviving azie's abuse


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This Season I'm releasing the Intro for my newly revamped YouTube Channel, titled, "Surviving Narcissistic Deception."

I'll share stories of Narcissistic Abuse within the family structure, intimate relationships, & other important relationship dynamics. I'll spend some time sharing my experiences growing up in Harlem's 1980's drug culture, which was highly narcissistic.

The videos I create are published to provide an extension of NPD education & awareness to survivors, targets, and the community dedicated to unlocking the mysteries surrounding this topic.

In NYC, October is "Domestic Abuse Awareness Month." To be honest, I think one day we'll evolve and name this month what it really is "Narcissism Awareness Month" ...

Because anyone stuck in a pattern of abusing people for their own gratification and selfish need for power and control over others, is highly narcissistic.

abuse awareness month

I learned A lot of what I know in a dangerous relationship that nearly cost me my life.

 The greatest trick these sadistic abusers perform, is pretending to be one person in public (the mask) but hide their true nature (the monster) behind close doors.

These kind of dangerous abusive men and women are everywhere.

R-Kelly is not the only one with dark narcissistic secrets.

I don't know what he's doing now, but Azie was a predator who tried to destroy me and my dreams for many years. I'm finding out now that there are many others who want to come forward to share their stories about being abused.

When I wrote and composed the script "Trapped" for him back in 1992 while pregnant with our daughter, I didn't know at the time just how far he would extend his psychological and emotional abuse.

I honestly thought I was in the clear when I finally mustered the strength to leave.

Not giving me proper credit is another form of narcissistic abuse that many empaths deal with under these circumstances. 

Holding back is an extension of the devaluation tactic of narcissists. They continue to finding ways to abuse even when the target is long gone.

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Creative abuse, financial abuse, turning children against their parents, splitting families, infiltrating friendships, isolating innocents, corrupting minds & spirits, stealing & killing dreams, and swearing it all to inconspicuous secrecy are only the tip of the iceberg when dealing with narcissists.

Youth and ignorance is a deadly combination.

Add a narcissists to that and everything dies. Coming out with this information isn't easy.

I've held the details of this abuse back from the public for years. But now I'm ready to take that journey with others who are lost & need this information to not only become empowered, but to heal.

It's a new day. It was inevitable to take my writing down a new path. 

I believe, I survived narcissistic deception and extreme physical abuse so I can become a beacon of light and inspiration to other empaths who are lost on their paths. Though it took some time, I definitely realize this now.

People who employ the manipulative tactics, traits & characteristics of NPD are the #1 adversary of self-love.

It's impossible to develop self-love in relationships with self-absorbed, destructive, maladaptive, personality types.

And it's definitely impossible to maintain it.

I really hope this video resonates you and you'll be along for this awareness into NPD and learn the ways we can heal from these insidious abuses.

The kind of torment and evil these narcissists perform on innocents can have life long consequences. That's why we have to stop it from happening.

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