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narcissist holiday drama


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We'd like to that think narcissists will give us a break or some kind of emotional courtesy during Thanksgiving.

But no.

Since they're always playing games to serve their own interests, narcissists use Thanksgiving and other holidays to torment whoever they pick out of their harems (family, friends, or intimate partners).

This is done most of all to help the narcissist gain narcissistic supply.

 They'll come to drain your energy if you let them. There are no exceptions because they never really change.

They can't change.

It would take too much effort and self-work, and we know narcissists are unable to self-reflect or look inward to find compassion, or a conscience.

Besides, if they did look inward there would be nothing there; just that black empty void.

The same void narcissists are compelled to fill with your energetic resources.

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The inner-program of narcissistic people remain the same during these special calendar days. It's just a different day, and it's one that doesn't register with the same significance to a narcissist as it does for many of us. 

However, it does register as "something" in a narcissistic mind. Thanksgiving Day is a unique opportunity to hurt, deceive, and mislead and gain supply from others because the narcissist knows the expectations and spirits of people will be high during the holiday. 

They can show up to crush and devour it, or use it as a source of positive fuel. The problem is, you never can know until it's too late to do anything to halt it.

That's why I say, why bother.

Unless someone very important to us is being controlled by a narcissist and we really want to see them - I can't think of any other reason to make things easy for a narcissistic person during the holiday.

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Today, we'll stay sucker free and be conscious of the trickery before they play their hands.

 You win when you give them nothing, zilch, zero energy. Grey Rock, or give nothing at all. 

Here's another great article from Psychology Today that offers some insightful advice, in addition to what I've shared in the video above. 

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