It should be a thought in all of our minds that a healthy person today could potentially live to age 99 or over 100. The life expectancy of Americans all across the board has increased drastically due to advances in medicine, science, shifts in consciousness, improved emotional and psychological health, and a robustly informed, world wide web, technologically connected and advanced society. More people are eager to learn and apply daily exercise routines and healthier eating habits that help sustain longer lives. And even more of us, even in the inner cities, are becoming regulars at Farmers’ Markets, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods where access to a variety of higher quality of foods and products can easily be sourced. What hasn’t changed at the same rate is the structure of employment and pension plans that aren’t necessarily designed with this kind of long life in mind.

There’s still resistance in many areas of the financial structures designed to ensure stability in a person’s life later on when working may not be an option. People do wear down and there was a time when the life expectancy was more like 60, thank God those days are over but there has to be a plan in place for each of us. The days of guaranteed pensions, certain marriage, and close-knit family structures seem to be fading fast. While I hope much of that structure can be restored, especially closely-knit families and couples, there is still a light to be flicked on in this foggy tunnel. Everyone dreams of having enough money to outlast their lives and no one should be waiting until their too old to do anything about it. This is not to imply that there’s an age considered as too old to earn (especially not today), but I’m not going to deny wanting to just chill out and enjoy the rewards of my efforts at some point in the future, maybe sail the seven seas with some close friends and relatives. I bet you can envision this dreamy sail as well. I can imagine the scenery now, as I sit on my big bags of hundred dollar bills….. Okay, let me wake up!


Taking personal responsibility for how much money we have IS the new wave and not just for the small few, for everyone. It is a new day, I repeat! “The old way has passed.” We can no longer expect or trust that another entity is going to do that for us. And even if we found someone who promised to do it for us there’s no way to really be sure they’re trustworthy. Putting all of your eggs in one basket is a practice that has proven to be unreliable and definitely no longer advisable. After the crash of the Wall Street market, recession, and the underhanded looting of the pension funds of millions of Americans, led by you know who doing you know what, it’s clear that each person needs to have a close eye and hand on their own dollars. We have to get out of the co-dependent habit of wanting, needing, and trusting someone else to manage all of our money and step up to the task of learning all we can about either co-managing or doing it ourselves. More of us are becoming entrepreneurs than ever before and because of this the reality is we’ll need to learn how to grow and manage the money we create.


We are living in a very promising age of creativity and financial independence thanks to the incredibly effective invention of e-commerce and all of its attractive perks for the average Joe to come in and put the work in to establish Dream businesses of their own. Small business is the fundamental fabric of our American economy, and if you’re limiting your perspective by only looking from the outside in at all the big name businesses coming up and expanding their presence in every other state, you could miss out on your opportunity to add your ideas and creations to the ever growing list of successful online start-ups, stores, publications, advisory platforms, money-making Blogs, film-makers, authors, painters, developers, designers, and every creatively skilled human being imaginable thriving across all channels within the online market. Now is the time to make your mark and create an abundant cash flow that is just right for you and your family. You are now required to take full responsibility for growing your own financial wealth and maintaining it in the event that you live to be 110. Sure you can get some outside help from the pros but in a more deliberate way.


I traded in the stock market and as the owner of four different groups of mutual funds I learned an awful lot. As a young girl growing up in a low-income neighborhood the way I did, I never imagined a day would arrive where I’d be cashing out on a $75,000 gain over a couple of days with a Massachusetts Growth Investor’s fund, but I did, all by myself. That was only one experience of many. I refuse to let someone else be fully responsible for my losses or my gains. I worked with Brokers but my hand was also always up for them to see. I lost money as well. I took actual paper losses in panic moments during our financial crisis but I learned more than I would have if I just allowed my fear of not knowing to leave everything up to a broker or banker. I allowed myself get very familiar. I still play around during my free time on my Stash app and a few others during the days when I’m not extremely busy writing for my Blog or creating modules to help my tribe change the things that are most important to them. You know that your future is in your hands and more than ever before the playing field has been leveled in such a way that creating the life you want feels doable. What is your Creative Niche’ and if you don’t know here’s a way for you to find out today (Insert Link). It’s time to not only start creating the life you want, but preparing for the future, you now have access to all the tools you need to design it yourself.