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Maximize Your Bank Account in the Age of Being Yourself

A healthy person today could live as long as 99 or over 100 years old.

The life expectancy of Americans have drastically increased due to advances in medicine, science, and a shift in collective consciousness. Improved emotional and psychological health, and an informed society with access to the world wide web, has also helped to create our advanced society. More people are exercising daily and eating healthier, which are the main habits contributing to longer lives.

Living longer and obviously doing way more.

People who live in inner cities are becoming regulars at Farmers’ Markets, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, where access to a wider variety of high quality of foods and products are available. What hasn’t changed at the same rate is the structure of pension plans. Many of them aren’t designed with much longer lives in mind.

There is still resistance in the important areas of our financial structure.

The entire structure should be designed to ensure financial stability (not just getting by) later on in life when working may not be an option. People wear down, and there was a time when the life expectancy was more or less sixty years. It’s inspiring to learn that those days are behind us, however, a new strategy must be put in place to compensate for living longer. The days of guaranteed pensions, or the perks of marriage and the double income/pensions that comes along with it, and close-knit family structures appear to be fading fast. While I hope that much of these common structures can be restored, especially closely-knit families and married couples, we can’t ignore the negative financial impact caused by these changes. Here’s an interesting article that uses graphics to showcase some of that impact.  Everyone dreams of having enough money to outlast their lives, and none of us intend to wait until we’re too old to do anything about it. Not to imply that there’s an age where an individual becomes too old to earn money, especially not today. But most of the people I’ve talked to prefer to be in a position where they can fall back and enjoy life unbothered about money concerns.

Taking full responsibility for the amount of money we need and want is the new wave of consciousness; And not just for a small few,  for everyone.

It’s a new day and the old way has passed. We can no longer expect or fully rely on another entity to be responsible for organizing and planning our financial future. Putting all of our financial eggs in one basket, or leaving them in the hands of financial advisors without monitoring the process can cost us everything. After the crash on Wall Street in 2008, the recession that followed, and Bernard Madoff looting innocent Americans’ pension funds, it’s clear that each of us should have a close hand and eye on our money. It’s time to shake the co-dependent habit of wanting, needing, and trusting others to manage our money for us. Entrepreneurs are on the rise more than any other time in history, which makes us even more responsible for learning ways to grow and manage the money we create.

We’re living in a promising era of creativity due to the internet and our ability to expand our causes in a digital world.

Small business is the fabric of our economy and there are unlimited opportunities for you to create one of your own. There is a growing list of successful online start-ups; from online stores, magazines, blogs, video and filmmakers, authors, painters, developers, designers, and more. Now is the perfect time to tap into one of those ideas you’ve held close to your heart and learn how to make it a reality. You have what it takes to gain control over your financial wealth, create it, manage it, and grow it, just in case you live to be 110.

All the help you need is available to you in a way that can make the challenge of financial planning easier.

I traded in the stock market from 1999 up until around 2004. At the time I owned several mutual funds in a diversified portfolio that was put together by an associate at Citibank. My up close experience working with financial advisors helped me learn a lot about the process. Because I chose to keep a raised hand and close eye on every transaction involving my trade accounts I felt comfortable with my losses and gains. Growing up in a moderate income family didn’t prepare me for the day I earned a $75,000 gain within a few hours holding a Massachusetts Growth Investor’s fund. Somehow, I was able to do this independently. That day was a drop in the bucket for all the experiences I allowed myself to be part of. I refused to allow someone else be fully responsible for my portfolio because I wanted to learn. I felt an obligation to myself and my family. Of course I worked with brokers, but they weren’t allowed to make any trades on my account without my consent. I lost a lot money as well; I don’t want to pass the message that this sort of thing is a walk in the park. However, it is worth the knowledge and experience every person should have at some point in their financial lives.

Your future is in your hands.

More than ever before the playing field has been leveled and creating the financial outcome you want is doable. Allow yourself to become the guru of your cash flow, and life. If you’re not doing a job you love, take some time to discover your Niche. It’s not only a great time to create the life you want and prepare for the future, but it’s time to celebrate the unlimited access you have to all the tools you need to do this yourself. You can get to know more about your potential to attract more money and how to do it by reading No More BrokeAssNess . Yup, I said it. No more. You got this. 

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