A Dream LYFE


Step into my high-frequency vortex & learn to transform your life, relationships, & business no matter where you are right now! Here, is where we evolve & eliminate people & circumstances that keep us stuck!

"A Self-care is to gift oneself with people, places, & events that recharge & renew body, mind & spirit."

Prophetic Spiritual Retreats

At some point, each of us needs energy rejuvenation and spiritual engagement.

At A Dream LYFE, Michelle and her team take special care and consideration to select spaces that would best support the spiritual and mental need to unwind, release, reflect, and open up to the benefits of peaceful and harmonious moments.

This August we will be visiting a tranquil open nature paradise in (PRIVATE).

For 4 days we will have access to organically farmed foods, scheduled meditations, conversations, lake activities, archery, painting, and authentic tree house accommodations.


One of the most important aspects supporting the creative energy we need to find solutions for day to day challenges is mental and spiritual balance.

When there is no harmony between mind, body, and spirit we find ourselves tossed into a sea of emotional turbulence.

Our energy is low and so is our tolerance for the circumstances and people who are important to us. We come together to find balance and learn ways to maintain it throughout the year. 

Work with me in a private group setting, get your questions answered weekly, and gain live access to my step-by-step guidance to transform the most important areas of your life; Relationships, Money & Purpose. 

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To connect mind and body is an important step toward accessing personal power.

Through a strengthened connection between the two, we learn to communicate our needs within that system. The body is the vessel from which mental expression flows and to keep order they should be in full agreement with one another.

Health of body is improved and maintained with clear plans for both parts; eating, exercise, and various personal goals are discussed and affirmed. 


The Chakras are the wheels of spiritual energy located over 7 points or centers from the crown of the head, through the neck, and along the spine of the body.

Each one corresponds to certain organs as well as physical, psychological, spiritual, and emotional states of being and influence all areas of your life.

Within the Chakras is "prana," known as the ultimate healing energy. We focus on 2 to 3 chakras per day to access the pure energy within us and around us to keep us happy and vibrant. 

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Live Workshops

See a list of workshops, retreats, & more on the 2019 schedule. Register for our webinar or join our private Facebook Group to get instant access to courses & Live weekly training videos!

The schedule will include sessions for creative planning: business, relationships, and more to be announced.

This will be an incredibly stimulating 72-hour journey, and we will take it together.

Complete schedule of events for FALL 2019 will be posted in early Summer 2019.

This retreat will be small and space is limited.

*Note to Women: The new model of modern women require us to step into roles more firmly planted in the things we ask of our world.

Women like Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Beyoncé, Ellen DeGeneres, Princess Dianna, Mother Theresa, Maya Angelo have demonstrated just how capable and talented we are when we come together for the good of our world....

I know you're ready. You're a leader by nature.