A Dream LYFE

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.
~Anne Frank 


Giving back is a principal component within the culture at A Dream LYFE.

Recognizing and accepting social responsibility as one of the most important steps in personal empowerment and spiritual growth, encompasses my core mission. 

There's rarely a time in our lives when we're unable to help others. When we feel we don't have enough or too little to give, there's someone who can benefit from our "little bit" in a big way.

Where I live in Manhattan, morning coffee can add up to $70 per month. Less than half of that can feed, dress, house, and provide school supplies to a child in many parts of the world.

As we become financially empowered our desire to help others through monetary contributions become feasible.

I'm committed to bringing social change and support to ministries through several outlets.

Whether I'm preparing food to distribute to our homeless, or praying and offering words of encouragement with devoted volunteers, I love to donate a portion of my time to helping those in need.

There are many ways to give and I've listed some of my favorite charities below.

I am in no way affiliated with any charity listed here, nor do I receive any compensation or special privileges for presenting them to you.

I created this list as a point of reference, awareness, and advocacy for some of the beautiful human beings in our world needing our love, attention, and donations.

I've personally volunteered, pledged monthly, or given a one-time donation to one or more of the charities listed on this page and continue to do so.

If you don't choose one of the outlets here, I know you'll help someone somewhere.

Michelle Carvalho Philanthropist


The Wounded Warrior Project Fast

One of the most important contributions to our freedom and liberty is the plight of the American soldier.  Many of us disagree with war but these dangerous battles happen anyway and at any time.

Unfortunately, many soldiers return home severely injured, unable to function normally, and need additional funding to help them care for themselves and their families. This project also funds surgeries and mechanical improvements for lost limbs.

Learn more about this project here..... 

Save the Children

This organization is huge and offers many options to aid the children in their organization. Even in the large capacity it serves, Save the Children promises that 87% of all donations go directly to the children in one form or another.

Here is where children are given education, nurturing, food, clothing, and much more. What I love about this organization is that you can offer a one-time donation or sponsor a child who you'll know by name at low monthly costs.  

Learn more about them here.... http://www.savethechildren.


This is a global movement to end aggression and violence against women by not only providing services to these women, but also dealing with legislation to create stiffer laws that hold offenders accountable.

Losing my mother to a senseless act of domestic violence at the age of 5, and later becoming a victim of domestic abuse, this organization is very close to my heart.

It's 2017, and a woman is raped, beat, or killed in less than every hour in the United States alone.

Please learn how you can help here....

The Non-GMO Project

We're concerned about the chemical changes to our natural foods and its effect on our health across the globe.

I'm an avid foodie who resents genetically modified foods on my plate or in my basket at the supermarket, especially without my knowledge.

Here's an organization that funds the research into food plants and store products. They lets us know if we can trust certain foods or not through a verification process.

As humans, we thrive and survive on the foods nature genetically designed for our consumption. We want to be informed on a consumer level about the foods we feed ourselves and our loved ones. 

Find more information about them here.... https://www.nongmoproject.org/

Door of Hope

I grew up in the eighties when the crack-cocaine wave sucked many pregnant women into the dark hole of addiction.

There were babies found dead, abandoned, abused, and sick all throughout the country. I'm grateful for the end of that tragic era.

Unfortunately, poverty is far reaching and many mothers still find it difficult to keep their babies due to many different reasons.

Thanks to the South African Door of Hope project, mothers or anyone can drop infants off into a special baby bin from the outside door without judgment or punishment.

This philosophy, though criticized by some, is a heart-warming and bold effort to save small helpless babies.

To learn more about how you can help visit them here.... http://doorofhope.co.za/

1 Billion

There are people coming together through trustworthy organizations everywhere giving immeasurable hours to causes on behalf of humanity and our environment.

If you can't find one that interests you here, I encourage you to seek it out until you do.

It's God's universal way and it's our responsibility to show compassion through action where we're needed.

Stop abuse against women and girls so they can safely rise & be empowered in a new world.

Learn more about them here...

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1. I hope to learn about a charity or mission focused on changing the prison system and the intrinsic laws & policies that help it thrive.

2. I hope to learn about a charity or mission focused on creating programs & intervention for mentally ill adults being criminally charged and sent to do hard prison time, while also suffering drug addictions. 

  • I have family members who suffer with mental illness.
  • I've lost friends & family to the perils of the prison system.
  • I've lost friends and family to domestic violence & abuse.

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