"The Future Belongs to Those Who Believe in The Beauty of Their Dreams." ~ Unknown

A woman Who walks in Purpose Doesn’t Have to Chase People or Opportunities – Her Light Causes People and Opportunities to Pursue Her.

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Imagine a world where you were able to achieve and secure everything you ever dreamed of but the people you shared the earth with had nothing, zero, only a strong wooden seat to stare at you in all of your celebratory wonder and personal wealthy bliss…….

for the rest of your natural life.

Not a lot of fun, eh? Probably not. Because we were essentially made to explore and enjoy this wonderful life flourishing and becoming wealthy together. My theory is that part of what made life so financially difficult before our times were the limits on our ability to communicate with one another across the energetic fields. Telephones created vast improvements for its time – so did mail letters, airplanes, trains, cars, mobile phones, and texts, but nothing, and I mean NOTHING could prepare us for the power of the INTERNET.

There’s an ongoing dispute about who the creator of the internet is or was and even if you would say it was Britain’s own Sir Timothy Lee or a combination of an assorted group of pioneers over time – I’d still stop you right there to tell you that I believe


Or maybe God used them to do the work 🙂

The mass communication provided by our world wide web has bestowed infinite opportunity into the wide pipelines of virtual economics and e-commerce. There are infinite creative possibilities for any number of creators wanting to join the virtual world of online business culture to transform their creative ideas and businesses by strengthening their ability to connect to their specific client, customer, or audience on an entirely different level. The marketing tools, social networks, virtual mechanisms, reach approaches, and software solutions are wide ranging and constantly being updated, developed, and tweaked to be used at the greatest advantage by people just like you. I select the operations that perform best and cut out the ones that won’t and teach you how to utilize them all in a way that is easy to understand and apply to your personal business model.

The most important thing that separates online business from over the counter business of yesterday, is culture. The snobby-nose, separated, stuffy way of selling to consumers is a failing thing of the past. As the overall marketplace consumer mentality shifts and elevates through collective consciousness they want to make their purchases from people who are like-able, love-able, relate-able, knowable and adore-able, just like you. This is an error of transparency and “realness,” which means it’s the best time to just be yourself and invest into the unique individual that you are. The universe has made room for your special talent, your necessary product, your amazing creation, and wants you to apply your personality to your goal and soar like the eagle you know you are in the online market.

This brings me back to My Philosophy and the filthy rich guy I was discussing earlier on the page… I don’t want to be him. I aim to level the playing field, encourage the doubter, lift and inform the seeker, and extend my knowledge and wisdom to assist you on your quest to make your life, business, and relationships what you’ve always wanted them to be. I am the leaders’ leader and there is plenty room for you to walk beside me, since I don’t enjoy being successful dolo. There is nothing but room at the top and pretty soon there will be no one left down there on the bottom, at which time we can simply use that space to go greener!! My Philosophy is to use my gifts to enhance the gifts of another, because each time a DREAM comes true the world has been made a better place for all of us to inhabit.

Love & Light, Michelle

If you light a path for somebody, it will also brighten your path.
~ Buddha ~