"The Future Belongs to Those Who Believe in The Beauty of Their Dreams." ~ Unknown

“You Don’t Have to See The Whole Staircase to Take The First Step.”~ MLK

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Michelle is one of the hardest working creative women I’ve worked with throughout the years. When I have secured her on our team or any project mission she is dedicated, committed, and always gets things done. She’s influential and very resourceful and remains completely loyal and trustworthy whenever she agrees to do anything with or for me. In a most recent case, Michelle took over a creative project involving the production of a script for film. This project was crawling and reached a complete halt that slowed up and delayed the vision and project. Michelle took over the creative direction and created a powerfully written and arranged script that is currently circulating for production. I recommend her ability to exhibit steady wisdom beyond her own years, her genuine compassion and heart for others, and for the many creative talents she consistently continues to generate and display. She is an excellent writer, coordinator, communicator, coach, advisor, vision driver, and all around inspiration to anyone who crosses her path.

~ Robert Wells (Gusto)
Owner of Legendary NYC’s Rooftop Skating Rink
CEO of Entertainers Basket Ball Classis at Rucker Park

For me, knowing Michelle has been a huge blessing. I connected with her during a time in my life that was emotionally confusing and painful. She managed to transfer hope and inspiration into my thought process with her positive, cheerful, reasoning, and caring personality. Pieces of my personal puzzle were scattered and missing, and with Michelle’s wonderful ability to define reasons behind troubling issues, whether within myself or in my environment, I was able to understand what I needed to do to begin mending and bringing back together those important pieces that were lost before. She referred me for holistic treatment and encouraged me to take control of my spiritual and physical experience and taught me that I was capable for healing myself and much more than I gave myself credit for at the time. I grew up in a family where I was taught never to share what I know, or my personal experiences with others, because they would either use them against me, know too much about me, or know more than I do. I am thankful that Michelle does not live by those unproductive codes because I learned through her that sharing these painful experiences are exactly what God encourages us to do. Sharing is also a main conduit for delivering answers for some of life’s most complicated questions and to begin the healing process. With Michelle being so open and authentic with me I was able to learn so much and begin applying that knowledge in my life, which literally “saved my life.” She is amazing and I am eager to attend and be a part of anything she has her hands on.

~ Adrienne Robinson
Accountant Billing Specialist
Mount Sinai
St. Luke’s Hospital

I have worked with Michelle on occasions when film assignments have brought me to New York and it has always been a pleasure. She is intelligent, on the ball, and has a can-do attitude that goes really far in filmmaking. She has proven to be extremely trustworthy, dependable, and is a great problem solver. She also has a fast response time, which is so important when the clock is ticking. Michelle’s positive attitude and wonderful sense of humor make her fun to work with as well. Without doubt, Michelle’s natural talents and kind heart extend into many areas of her professional work.

~ Nina Juliano

Michelle will always shine a light into a person’s life, and she has surely shined a bright one in mine. In my experience, she’s been able to provide an influential perspective that few others have been able to provide. For example, once I was going through a dark valley. I was working a job that paid extremely well, however, I felt like I was drowning in the pits of hell. Michelle instilled in me words of personal truth about me, my potential, and the importance of investing and believing in myself – and most of all strengthening my relationship with God. I was encouraged to only surround myself with positive people that support and encourage that philosophy or way of being. I stand here today proud to affirm and claim the victory of a greatly improved and new confident – ME. Yes indeed I did land that Dream Career and much more. My relationships and sense of self is through the roof. Thank you Michelle C.

~ Cherita Frazier
Mobile Health
Community Relations Manager

Michelle is an inspirational person to know, work with, and derive wisdom from. She has overcome many of the trials that are known to permanently derail people in their lives. She’s never stopped working toward her goal to help as many people as she can, expanding her resourcefulness as an entrepreneur, financial health, and SHARING her wisdom and knowledge with others. It’s refreshing to see her persistence, and to know that someone as successful as Michelle wants to share what she’s learned from her experiences and blessings with the world.

~ Jacqueline Basulto
App/Web Developer

I like to start off by saying that my business and I are grateful to have had the pleasure of working with Michelle Carvalho. She was more than up to the task at hand, very professional and knowledgeable. What I loved most was she paid close attention to details then added her solutions it was kind of shocking since I’m in the restaurant business, a business in which customers service is the most important thing. Michelle provided my staff and I the right advice to help boost our customer base by providing better service to our customers, and in turn restored the business and patron flow. I wish she was looking for work in the restaurant business I’d hire her in a heartbeat.

Charles Davis
710West Restaurant/ Bar Lounge

Michelle has been a leader amongst our volunteers serving the poor and homeless in Harlem. She has been a consistent, reliable, and selfless volunteer for our organization. When we distribute food to the homeless on the streets, she’s actively engaged in listening and supporting. Michelle has inspired her daughter and other neighbors to join our team. She has that unique ability to work across all levels.

Kirk A. Barrell
Amelia Resources LLC

Michelle has a magnetic personality that you can honestly feel is genuinely powered by her good nature as a person. In her success she honestly encourages, supports and want to see those around her successful as well. She is a free-spirited person that does not live her life in a box or with restrictions or barriers, which explains her contagious energy. In the many years I’ve known her, I’ve never heard her say that she cannot do something, or allow someone to limit her from what she can do. If she does not question “how” she finds a way to do what most may feel or imagine is impossible to do. Her positivity and powerful spirit is definitely contagious. In the many years I’ve known her, she has always been supportive and fearlessly generous of herself and these are traits I find most admirable as she exemplifies what you put out into the universe will be returned to you ten folds.

Latoya Gordon
Ultipro HRIS Systems Administrator
MLB Advanced Media

I am honored to be able to speak about such an inspiring, motivating, beautiful woman, both inside and out. Michelle always has an encouraging word for her friends, family and Facebook followers. She always has a great JEWEL TO DROP! Back in January she presented a group of us to join her in a 30-day challenge she designed for personal change. Although it was challenging in at first, I was able to grow with it and each day I became more encouraged to work harder to achieve my goals. While the challenge is complete, I have carried over into my everyday routine some of the skills Michelle shared with us to help us focus and prioritize the different steps needed to become successful at what we do. I must say that I am blessed to be able to genuinely call her a friend and Sistah Girl. Many blessings to her and all that she does to continue serving the people who really need it most. Thank you Michelle and love you.

Donnalese Donaldson – Robinson
CEO & Founder
Sistahs of Faith Women’s Group

Michelle will go above and beyond to help people. I have known her for over 25 years and she’s transformed that energy to a different level now. She’s capable of helping others because of her ability to dig deep within herself, and as a person who can solve most of the riddles within, combined with the deep compassion she has for mankind, she has clearly evolved into a huge asset for others. This is where I see her in the natural order of things. She is where she is supposed to be and it comes so natural to her to help, motivate, inspire, and lead people toward becoming stronger and purposed. It’s a way of life for Michelle and a beacon of hope is just who she is. Having learned so much about others and myself over long conversations with her, there’s no doubt in my mind about how capable she is to continue serving the world with her unique wisdom from her virtual platform.

Carl Joseph
Mogul Media